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by - June 25, 2010

Every once in awhile I make a trip to Mega Mall with Athan to fetch Gersh from work and we stay there a bit to have a little family bonding by eating dinner and window shopping. Like last thursday since it was a holiday for Manila, I decided to do just that. :)

First thing we did was eat at Jonas Pares. It's our favorite food court food next to World Chicken and the food there is yummy and sure to satisfy your tummy and pocket! That's why food courts never fail to make me happy when we're on a budget. If know where to eat, you'll surely be pleased even though it's not expensive, you still get to have decent food.

After dinner we headed to Cyber Zone, Gersh's favorite place to be and looked at the latest gadgets and asked Samsung if they had the upgrade for his phone, but unfortunately it's unavailable, so we headed to my favorite place to be next, which was JUST G. That's how we are. We take turns in visiting the places we love and that's the best part about us being a couple. We share.

When we got to Just G, I couldn't help but get my hands on this cute bracelet with mismatched charms. Gersh called it a "Gig Charm", so I figured, it's cute and in case they do have another gig someday I can wear it! ;)

The black ribbon and peace sign are two things I find cute and it's great because it's in one bracelet. Just G is definitely lalalove and the bracelets are Ja' adore, indeed.

Of course if Gersh and I got to look at what we want, Athan as well got his trip to the toy department and I got him this uber cute Ice cream van. He has plenty of cars already, but regardless of that we get him what he doesn't have yet. As much as possible the unique looking ones. After all the buying and looking we usually head home and continue family bonding here.

The weekend is here once more and we'll be having another one those palengke trips. Afterwards we'll be going to the mall most likely. :) Can't wait! I even did my nails in time for the weekend---

How about you guys, What are you going to do this weekend? I hope you all have a great one!

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