The SDA vibe---ARTSY!

by - August 12, 2010

The building always has that effect on me when it comes to dressing up. I'm not really the type who glams up for school, but I don't know, when you enter SDA, seeing all the wonderful artistic individuals strutting around with their unique style makes me want to dress up too! And so I did yesterday, without care if people stared, I wore this to school---

*Rainbow scrap's Beanie *SM MegaMall top *Old Giordano jeans folded *Schu shoes *F21 necklace

I only had one class there, but I sure did enjoy roaming around SDA in this outfit, especially when a friend of my friend Lycka thought I was an MMA(Multimedia Arts) student. Hihi!:) Not now, but SOON I will be!

Still thinking of what outfit to wear next week. I'm trying to make the most out of my stay in SDA since next term I won't be having anymore SDA classes due to my core and major subjects are all held in main. Will surely exhaust these last few weeks in SDA!

I'm really into folded pants lately. How about you, what style are you into right now?:)

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  1. great outfit!! i am currently into army/military and fall clothing!! i wish it would get cooler soon here!!


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