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by - October 05, 2010

Last time I mentioned that I tried out the make over that The Body Shop offered during the Ultimate Vanity Fair/Bloggers event that I attended and here's my review on it and other products that I love from The Body Shop...

Please make me beautiful!

I only remembered a few of the stuff she put on my face, but here they are..

Moisture Foundation SPF 15

55 Pure Blush Lip Color

05 White Eye Liner

Brow & Lash Gel

Love Gloss for Lips

Personally, I like how the lady considered not applying heavy make-up on me, because I still prefer looking natural and not like a mannequin. My verdict with my after look is that I'm happy with it. Also knowing that they make it from natural ingredients makes me interested to try their products even more. The picture doesn't do it much justice:( but in person it looks way better. I didn't get any allergies with their make-up, Btw. It's a good look if you're going to an event such as the bloggers event I went to or if you're going on a date. Perfect day time look.

Actually ever since I was kid my Mom and I have been loyal Body Shop users. My Mom always made me use Banana Conditioner and nothing else. Even when she's abroad, she would leave me money incase I ran out and ask me to go to the nearest Body Shop and purchase a bottle. I think I was around 8 or 10 years old when I started using it. Unfortunately, there was a time that they stopped producing it and from then on I also stopped using conditioner. (The shame...) Yes, I did stop using conditioner. I don't really know why. Maybe because I only trusted Banana Conditioner at that time and didn't want to go for something else. But now it's back, I'm considering to use it again. The Body Shop, please don't discontinue it ever again! :)

The smell is lovely I tell you. It does smell like banana and it leaves your hair free of tangles, promise!

My Mom however is more of a body and bath buff. She loved the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion and the Pink Grapefruit shower gel. We always have these two in our dresser and bathroom. They smell amazing! The peppermint really gives off a cool feeling on your feet. :) We also go to The Body Shop whenever we do Christmas shopping for family and friends!

Another thing I love buying from The Body Shop is from their Lip Treatments; Born Lippy, because I seriously have dry lips. It easily chaps and I have the tendency of biting it (my bad habit) or taking out the dry skin, which causes my lips to sometimes bleed. :(

Comes in different flavors- watermelon, strawberry, pink guava, and more!

I've tried a lot of lip balms, but this is my ultimate favorite to use. A bit pricey for Php 250, yet I think it's the best when it comes to moisturizing and conditioning my lips. Plus the fruity flavors makes it smell SO good. :) Added bonus; Whenever I apply lip balm, I refrain from biting my lips. Yey! If you're looking for a lip balm product, I definitely recommend The Body Shop. :)

I guess you can pretty much say I grew up with The Body Shop. Their products are really one of the best and I hope they continue making it from natural ingredients and no to animal testing principles. :)

How about you, what's your Body Shop experience or favorite products from there?:)

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  1. am a big body shop user. My fave is the olive body butter. Thanks for sharing these lovelies, i hope you dont mind me droppin by here again to read more of your posts! Ciao!

    Aiz's last blog post: Lacey days and Mondays

  2. Born Lippy Forever! :) Love the makeover ava! :D Sayang i would have been john mayer ready kung may time lang ako to dropby the booths :D haha! Kiddin! I think it's cool na you're a bodyshop user ever since :)

  3. I love the Body Shop! Their body butters are heavenly and well-priced!

    Just found your blog today through Melai's!


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