Happy HALLOWEEN to you all!

by - October 31, 2010

As promised, here's the picture of Athan wearing his costume for this year's Halloween...

He's Mumble from Happy Feet :)

To be honest, I wasn't too pleased with how Cartoon Network and Podium Mall prepared for the event. They had tickets telling us that we were suppose to go there at a certain time. Like if your number is 1 to 899 you attend the 1PM show, if your number 900 to 1000+ you attend the 3PM show and if your number is 1000+ to the last, which is what we got, we have to attend the 5PM one. We were there at exactly 5PM and the show was already about to end. How disappointing is that? To make matters worst, we live far away from Ortigas and trekked that far just to let Athan experience Halloween and what is Halloween without Trick or Treat??? We were hoping that there would still be at least that, but NO. All stores kept saying, "WALA NA", "UBOS NA PO", and such! SO, Cartoon Network and Podium, what do you expect all the 5PM children to do? Hang around your mall and drool over the other kids who already got their take on your so-called celebration? I'm sorry if it seems like I'm bashing, but honestly, it's not. I just what to inform people how unorganized this whole event was. I am VERY VERY disappointed. This day was suppose to be for the kids. This day was suppose to be all about ATHAN for us and you made it the worst experience. I really do hope you plan your next event properly if you still expect people to come and get your invitation facts STRAIGHT and CLEAR.

If I only knew earlier, I would have gone trick or treating with Athan at MEGAMALL instead. Yes, MEGAMALL. We actually went there and still experienced the Halloween vibe. At least you know where to go.

Anyhoo, hope you guys had a better Halloween and hoping for a better one for Athan next year!

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  1. Booooooo organizers. Anyway, Athan really looks adorable! :D really really cute costume!

  2. Happy Halloween Athan! Cute :)


  3. NAPAKACUTE TALAGA!!! :) Hihihi. Hay mababadtrip din ako pag ganyan! =p

  4. cutee Athan! my daughter wore her fairy costume hehe! I wish I have seen you Ava last PFW!so sad I wanna bond with you pa naman. Punta ka sa Nov. 20?:)

  5. Grabe naman.. talagang nakaka bad trip.. But in fairness, Athan is so cute in his outfit.. very unique.. :)

  6. Sayang naman! I bet if you went trick or treating in a village, mas marami pa kayong makukua and mas worth it. Athan is really cute tho! :)

  7. i love athan's costume he's so adorable! :) Waaah, kakabadtrip nga yan..:( really hoping it won't happen again..:(


  8. yeah, sm has good trick or treat in ALL branches. brought my pamangkins there too.


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