Thursday is dress up day/[2]

by - February 19, 2011

Supposedly thursday is my dress up day at school, but unfortunately I've been lazy to fix myself the past two weeks, so I went with my usual t-shirt and cargo pants. But last thursday I got inspired to try the jumper with blazer look, so I went to school wearing this...

Blazer: love cookies | Jumper: mango | Oxfords: archive clothing | Necklace: extreme finds
I love how comfortable yet stylish jumpers are. You can wear them in different ways. I'm thinking of what else to do with it as we speak. ;)

I was down with the sniffles when this picture was taken, that's why I have puffy and tired eyes. I felt really sick, but I didn't want to be absent during my night classes due to my major. It's hard to catch up even if it's just one meeting. :( Plus, I feel extremely guilty once I miss a meeting, so I'd rather go to class than miss it.

Also, I got a deco pen the other day from The Face Shop, so I tried doing nail art on my nails and this is what I came up with...

I'm quite girly, hence the baby pink polish with hearts and dots design. :) I love getting my nails done at the nail spa, but nothing beats doing it yourself; being economically friendly here!;)

Till my next Thursday OTD! Happy weekend, everyone!^_^


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  1. love your shoes! i think everyone's getting the sick cause of the weather. ulan init.

  2. love your nails! I used to make nail-art on my own nails too, way back in first year, when my CFAD plates are this deadly yet. hahaha

  3. awww dress up day must be fun. looking great ava.

  4. Cute nails twin! I'm so sad I won't be able to go to Bloggers' Closet! I was soo set to go already, buuut unfortunately I have no means of getting there. :( UGH. Good luck to everyone part of it! I do hope to start meeting fellow bloggers in person soon. And congrats on the first Bloggers' Closet. :) Sana maging successful!!!

  5. Love your nails ava!soo cute :)I also love the necklace!cute outfit :)

  6. Wow, this is so somethig new :> i like it. You look great!

  7. You look adorable in the jumper, ava! btw, may i know how much the deco pen? :)

  8. i like the combination of jumper and blazer.. nice nga! :) i'll try it one time. :)

  9. you look so cute in that outfit ava!love your nails too! :)

  10. The necklace is gorgeous! :) And I love your cute nails! :)

  11. cute outfit! love the necklace! i hope you're feeling better now. and good luck on the bloggers' closet, how i wish i could be there. =)

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