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by - February 28, 2011

Apart from Saturday being my favorite day, Sunday is something that I look forward to as well, because I get to spend it with my family and just enjoy our rest day. :)

I had to drive my grandparents to a relative's birthday party yesterday and since we were at Greenhills again, we took advantage of it and ate at our favorite burger stall, ORANGE JULIUS. :) Their cheese burger is really good, it made me finish two orders in one sitting. I pick it over any fast food joint any day! Plus, it's affordable too. Unfortunately, their only branch left is at Unimart, Greenhills. :( But, if you wanna try it,  do make sure to order an Orange smoothy to go with it! ;)

Love Buddy enjoying his OJ Smoothy ^_^
Aside from our favorite food at GH, we also love window shopping at Shopsville. Gersh was the one who opened my eyes to GH, because he spent his childhood there and I absolutely love the place! You can find good bargains at tiangges and many local brands. :) And Speaking of bargain, while we were there the hubby got me this lovely zebra printed bag!!

It's not a real Longchamp, but I've always wanted a small tote even if it was just a replica and lucky me, I finally got one thanks to Gersh and I even got something with a cute print on it! ^_^ *giddy*

Like I said, I love GH and the best part about it is, you can go on numerous food trips while you're there and another one I recommend is, CHOC FULL OF NUTS. It's a food kiosk located at Shopsville and it has really good siomai. Gersh and I always make it a point to eat this when we're there. :)

And if you think we already love GH too much, you should see Athan. He's SO overwhelmed with all the toy stores and toy cars he saw there. He can't get enough. :)

I don't have an outfit post for the day, but I am crazy in love with my Mom's oxfords. She had this when I was still a baby and its awesome that she passed it on me. :)

This was definitely a good weekend and I really can't wait for the next. Hope you all had a great one!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love the Bag, Ava! <3

    Athan's so cute! I love reading stories about him. How old is he?:)

  2. I really can't believe that's your mom's shoe! And how lucky you guys have the same shoe size! I have a larger shoe size than my mother's :( Damn it. So frustrating when she gives away shoes to people I barely know.. It could have been mine... MIIIIIINNNNEEEEE waaahhh huhuhu *sob*

  3. omg orange smoothie? want to try that! love the bag and shoes ava!:)

  4. Athan's so cute ogling at those matchbox toys!
    Those oxfords are really, really nice. First time to see them up close!

  5. I love Greenhills. Sa 1000, dami na din pwede mabili. And yes, dami pa pwede kainan. :)

  6. i'm always in GH but i never got to try those resto/stalls you've mentioned! will take note of that ;) and nice oxfords!! good thing you and your mom have the same shoe size!

  7. I love the bag!! And wow vintage shoes!!! :D Next time you're in GH, text me ha! Walking distance lang ako!! Lol..

  8. i live across greenhills!!! that's why i'm always broke! haha. love the cuapao in chocfull of nuts, been eating it since i was a kid and now my daughter loves it too! :)

    join my STiLa giveaway!

  9. i love the hand me down shoes from your mom. :)


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