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by - February 27, 2011

Loose top: belle york | DIY Shorts: mexx | Oxfords: from mom's closet | Bucket Bag: ichigo |
Sunnies: anagon

Went to Greenhills yesterday to hangout with my blogger friends, but a lot weren't able to make it, so in attendance was, Vern, Len, Aie, Honey, Krissy, BojHelga, Paula, Kim and our awesome boyfriends!:)

*photo from Krissy
With Vern. :)
Paula, Krissy, Me, Zee, Honey, Len and Kim
As usual, Athan wants to be in the picture!=p
Our first meet up location was at Starbucks and the moment we came in, I immediately saw Honey's famous "BETWEEN U & Z" beau, Zee! Actually this day was all about meeting him for the first time and I swear, they don't look like they've been together for 6 years with all the sweetness. You'll mistake them for a new couple!=p That's why I'm really glad Honey and him are finally reunited after eight long months!:)

After a few talks and laughs, some had to leave, so Honey, Zee, Aie, Gersh, Athan and I were left behind, so we decided to carry on the plan of eating dinner and ate at a Chinese restaurant; EAT WELL. :)

Even though a few of us were left behind, it didn't lessen the fun. We talked about a lot of things during dinner, some I wouldn't even elaborate on anymore, because it's too obscene or hilarious!:)) Good times, good times!

I really did miss Ana, Melai and Pax during this gathering. They're the life of every conversation and talks don't end when they're around. Hoping for another bloggers meet up and this time with complete attendance!:) 

x A.F.A.

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  1. awwww being around friends make every moment memorable.

  2. The online world is really a wonderful world. :) Daming nakikilala through www.

  3. good food + great conversation with really fab girls = LOVE! Let's do that again! =)

  4. I missed you guys!!!!!! =S You all look pretty and fashown, I lovet!!! And Ava ang ganda ng top mo so comfy <3

  5. Cute look! Everyone looks so lovely!
    The food looks delicious :)

  6. AVAAA! i saw you yesterday sa greenhills, you were eating icecream yata and with your fam!! sabi na nga ba ikaw yun e.. but i was too shy to say hi 'cause you might think "who's this girl?" HAHAHA and you were on the opposite side na rin e when i recognized you :D hope to meet you in person one of these days too :)

  7. You guys look great! I love your zebra necklace, it's so cute!


  8. hi Ava! Athan should do blogging na din heheh..ako din as much as possible i bring my kids with me when i go out with my friends may bonus pa, si mister minsan heheh..nice blouse and aviator shades, i like the whole get up, you're so slim, inggit me!

  9. @Hazel, Aw too bad! You should have said Hi. =) It would have been nice to see you and we had a blogger meet up that time, you could have joined!:)

  10. @Ladawan Haha, I think Athan partly owns this blog already because he's almost in every entry =p Thank you!

  11. yummy :)) cheers to them :) they really made a great couple.

    ennaid love <3

  12. My goodness, OBSCENE talaga!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!! That was super fun talaga... We should do it more often.... Thanks for being one of the sweetest friends I have.. <3


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