Robinsons Department Store: Tint Beauty Fair!

by - February 09, 2011

Out of all the department stores I've been to here in Manila, I think the one I went to yesterday was one of THE BEST. I can't believe that I never took the time to visit the mall. Maybe because I've always been a Makati girl. Fortunately, thanks to Robinsons Place Manila and their kind organizers, I was able to see their beautiful mall together with Ana and Honey. It's actually MY first time, but Ana and Honey have been to Robinsons Place Manila before. :)

Aside from having a great mall ambiance and having a new place to wander at, we also went to Robinsons Place to check out their event; TINT FEBRUARY BEAUTY FAIR.


The venue was at Robinsons Department Store and in there, Ana, Honey and I were like in wonderland--only with vast array of makeup, skin care, and hair care products instead of rabbit holes and tea. =p I personally got mesmerized with the wide selection of nail polish, lipstick, other beauty products, and all for a very affordable price! Don't you just love celebrating your personal beauty all within your reach?:)

First stop, the Cosmetic stations!


I really loved Revlon's wide selection of Nail polish. Just look at all those colors! Only Php 225 a bottle!:) I also love the packaging of their lipstick. Cute!
(Spot Ana at Revlon's stall..^_^)



Here's Mommy Lace having a make over courtesy of Maybelline!
Too bad I forgot to try it out. :(


Another beauty line that I love during the fair was Maybelline's Hello Kitty x Volum Express Mascara--This is too cute to pass up! Honey and I were ecstatic when we saw this on the rack. =D My personal favorite is their Strawberry Lip balm with SP 16. My lips dry a lot and this has been helping me for months now. Also they offer BB cream for only Php 249. :)



If ever you're in a tight budget and would rather go for something more low-cost, but at the same time still has good quality, then Ever Bilena and Careline have plenty of neat stuff for you. I saw this 12 set eyeshadow palette at Ever Bilena for only Php 160! Imagine how much you can save, right?

For our second stop, we went to pamper our cameras with skin care and hair care products, which I believe some have discounts or promos when you buy this February...


They have a buy 1 take 1 promo for certain products, so don't miss this chance. :)

Checking out L'OREAL :)
10-15% on selected products!

All these are 10% off for the month of February!

They're offering 3 Dove Beauty Bars in 100g for only php 99 and you can also claim a free beauty kit when you purchase a Dove Body wash 200ml + Dove deodorant roll-on 40ml. :)

Buy 1 Vaseline shampoo 300ml Soft & Smooth Shampoo 300ml bottle (Pink) and get 1 VNS Soft & Smooth 50 ml Doy pack free!:)

Buy 1 get 1 free Clear shampoo bottle hair fall defense and clean & itch 200ml

I personally love the Johnson & Johnson lotion. I use it whenever my skin starts drying up because of the heat. :)

Sorry for the photo heavy post. Being bloggers, you know you can't avoid taking so many pictures. It's like documenting the experiencing for other people. Plus, there are just so many treats this month from RDS that I can't help but share it with all of you, just incase you've been eyeing on one of these goodies. But hurry, the promo is for February 1-28! ;)


Of course, after looking at the different beauty products that RDS had to offer, we can't help but haul some beauty stuff for our own. :)


Honey and I lining up at the cashier to pay for our loot! Can you guess what we got?^_^

After the Beauty Fair, we met up with the organizers Carisse and Tin to have dinner at Super Bowl. There we had a little get to knowing each other and chat about blogging. :)




With Ms. Carisse, Tin, Lace, Honey and Ana :)

When lunch was over, we decided to go around the mall a bit since it was still early for Ana's meet ups and my class. As we were strolling around the mall, we found the Robinsons Department Store where they sell all the nice ladies stuff and we couldn't hold the feeling in. We just had to go, look around and without a doubt, we didn't go out empty handed. =p

More stories about our mini haul at RDS on my next entry!:)


Yesterday was such an awesome day and it was thanks to Robinsons Department store, Ms. Carisse, Tin, and Ana Thank you for having me there! I absolutely enjoyed spending our afternoon at your mall! Till my next visit!;)

This day was really tiring, like Ana said. We were really up early and still had a long day after the event, but even though that was the case, we are all very happy at heart and grateful for this wonderful experience. I really thank God for giving me friends I could laugh with all day long, just enjoying each others company and for all the good things with it. :)

Off to NBC tent tonight for a fashion show with Honey, Pax and Efril!:)

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  1. Ayoko dati sa Robinson's Manila. Pero eversince they opened the Midtown area, isa na sya sa top malls ko. :-)

    I love Maybelline! I've been wanting to try their BB cream. Mas affordable compared to the one I was using months ago.

  2. WHEW!!!!! Yun lang masasabi ko....... Hahaha..

    See you later! :*

  3. is this an event by Robinson's? btw, you can be a pond's girl :)

  4. My sister went to Robinson's Pioneer and even called me up to ask if I wanted anything! :)

  5. I enjoyed that day too Ava!!! :)) Shoppeeeng is the best!! :D See you soonest beb!! :))

  6. I love Maybelline! :) They still have the Hello Kitty mascara pala? Akala ko sold out na yan since it's limited edition. I want! :)

  7. awww looks like you guys had so much fun! I like your oxfords Ava!

  8. I love shopping at Robinson's Dept Store..:)) i love your vest Ava! :)


  9. @ishna try it! Also I think their BB cream has a discount at RDS :)

    @honey super WHEW! with sweat pa! hehe but super fun! See you!

    @Michelle The stuff at RDS is really nice. Did you get anything?:)

    @Ana hehe sana nag shopping ka rin!!

    @Nariese Yes, they still have a lot of it. Go get na!:)

    @Aie Super fun, aie!:) Thank you!!

  10. Wow, sooo fun! :) And I love your shoes!! :)

  11. i visited rds galleria branch a few days ago and can't wait to go back again. love your oxfords too! :)

  12. oh here in italy there isn't Helly Kitty mascara from Maybelline :(
    very beautiful photos! have a nice day


  13. mmm, parang ang sarap ng food!!! :) haha! good food, good company, good night! :)

  14. I love their department store! But you must also try SM's. I know that was quite absurd, but I've seen a couple of nice clothings there and I know you will just love it!

    I'm jealous of you! You can just eat anything you want without getting fat :O

  15. ah i got invited to this event but i've got work so boo! you girls look amazing! :) i love rob department store! :)

  16. Nice pics^^ I'm so jalous, I've never seen this Hello Kitty lash in France :(
    Sweet blog by the way !

  17. whoa! i love beauty, skin and hair products! i only carry the basic make-up stuff though like lip balm, blush, mascara and classic shades of lipsticks but i wish i have more colors...and for the hair, i swear by pantene talaga!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  18. looks like a grat day and event! glad you enjoy it
    oh and it reminds me i need to update my makeup tools! haha


  19. Rob Manila is just a-stone-throw-away from home.. :( i could have met you.. :)


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