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by - February 10, 2011

In my previous post about Robinsons Department Store, I mentioned that I unquestionably love it there. It was my first time to visit their mall and I instantly fell in love with all the delightful things they had to offer. I didn't want to leave anymore!=p Of course, that's impossible, but I did have the luxury to go around the department store with Honey and Ana after the Beauty fair to look for good finds. :)


We're ready to shop as you can see. Especially in Ana's case--very evident!;)


At the beauty fair, the thing that I really went crazy for was their nail polish collection. You have Revlon, Sally Hansen and I believe a few more, but the one that got my attention was ORLY. Upon seeing it, I couldn't move away from the shelf!:))



I just love the unique colors they have; from pastels, dark, frost to glitters and they also have the matte polish!^_^ How can you resist??


I'm really thankful that Ana invited us to join her at this awesome event. I wouldn't have gotten some of the things that I've been wanting and at a pocket friendly price if it weren't for her. Also, I love how our friendship is growing through all this and it is stronger than ever! I'm still on cloud nine!:) Thank you so much, BEB!!^_^


Honey and I are over the moon with our hauls! Look at our beaming smiles!=D

So, without further ado, here are my RDS hauls...

Purple Velvet Matte Orly | Nichido Liquid Eyeliner | Eyelash Curler

I'm a huge nail polish fan, so having a matte nail polish has been on my wish list for quite some time now and the best part was it being Orly! With the eyeliner, I'm not much of a makeup person, but I wanted to look a little better at events, so I thought an eyeliner would make my eyes standout. :)


Annnnd... this one, I just simply ADORE. It took me quite awhile to decide on whether to get this or a satchel, but I eventually got this and I do not regret it, because it totally reminds me of Balenciaga. I now call it, my Balenciaga inspired bag. Plus I love the color too!:)

Of course, if I got things for myself, I can't leave the mall without getting anything for my boys as well...

Got Gersh a grey polo for work and cars for Athan ( the others are with him=p)

It really felt good seeing their happy faces when I gave them these. :)

Lastly, after the event, the lovely organizers gave each of us a Maybelline loot bag to take home. :) I got SO kilig for Honey when I saw the Hello Kitty Mascara. I know how much she likes it and I was happy she got one!:)

Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush | Hello Kitty Mascara | Maybelline Pen |
Passion Red Lipstick

There you have it, My hauls from our RDS experience. :) I seriously can't wait to go there again! How about you? I suggest, you go now while the sale is still on!

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  1. Inggit ako sa free Maybelline stuff lalo na sa Hello Kitty mascara! Haha. Where did you get the bag? I want one, too! :)

  2. woooow I LOVE the bag! :) great pick :D

  3. Ikaw na madaming nabili! Hahahaha..

  4. Ate Ana looks so cute holding those two shopping baskets. ^^ And you all look effortlessly fashionable! :)

  5. Ang dami ko nang gusto hahahah! :D Ate and I talked about my trip to rds na walang nabili and she pointed out that I always shop alone :D Pag balik ko dun ng mag isa patay na GC :P Still thinking if I'll sell it to Ate hehehe :D Ang cute na wala yun ibang cars kasi nakay Athan na heheheh! :D And! Ang bag <3 Good buy talaga siya! :)))

  6. Loot Bag! How awesome! and the matte nail polish really rocks! Im gonna try the orange one! :))

  7. ohmy i love the matte nail polish you got and the bag Ava! they really look like a Balenciaga! :)

  8. blogwalking..
    guess you just had a great day, shopping girl!
    would you mind to check out my post on my blog? we could be friends and follow each other if you like too
    your blog is cute

    sweets from Bali

  9. i'd like to try that orly nail polish simply because i saw one breath-taking nail polish! :) i can't find it now anymore. i'm admiring your bag. i wish i was there too :)


  10. Your day sounds so much fuuuun! :) Ang saya naman. Ang cute niyo ni Ana. Super BFFs na. ;) Do a review of the products you got. I'm looking to buy a new eyeliner soon.

  11. great bag Ava! love the loot bag too! <3


  12. I am dragging the boyfriend to our RDS tomorrow!

  13. @Michelle haha yes, do so!:) Really awesome goodies there.
    @Twin Megann I'm not good at makeup reviews huhu :| But the eyeliner was pretty okay for me..as a beginner :D

  14. ang gaganda ng mga bags na nabili nyo!!! I'm inggit! wahhh sm girl kase ko sa sm kaya meron?

    Ava, meron talaga ung boys ah! You remind me of my ate. She does that every time we shop together too! =)

  15. You got loads :) i love your new nail polish color. I should visit RDS with mom HAHAHA!!!

  16. That bag is wicked! I love the department store in Robinson's Ermita, too bad it's so far from where I live. I wish they'd renovate the one in Galeria!

  17. inggit ako sa free maybelline stuffs! wow! and yay for the hello kitty mascara!! :P


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