Have some "ME TIME!" :)

by - March 24, 2011

Received a package from ME TIME the other day and I was surprised to see that they gave me a free sample of their Peppermint foot lotion and foot scrub to try!:) One of the things I love about blogging!^_^ Thank you, ME TIME!

ME TIME MANILA is a newly opened online store that you can find on Facebook and is the brainchild of  Des Yao and fellow blogger Michelle of Beautiful Loft. Their inspiration to start a business was because of an aunt who owns a salon and they had the amazing idea to make salon-grade products available to everyone. :)

One of their salon-grade product is the picture you see above. I think it's really perfect that they sent me their foot lotion/scrub to try, because one, I'm sensitive with skin products, so I normally don't try face related products and second as a daily commuter my feet suffers from all the walking and heat, so they easily get dry. Plus, I think my feet gets the least pampering when it comes to my body, that's why when I came home from school last Tuesday, I tried the Peppermint foot lotion and the first thing I loved about it was how good it really smells. The peppermint just relaxes you and it feels cool on your feet. The only downside to the lotion is, it takes time for the sticky feeling to subside and that kinda bothers some people, especially now that it's summer. But all in all, I like how it makes my feet smooth. :)

As for the peppermint foot scrub, I tested it the day after and it is wonderful. It has micro beads, which I think is really helpful in cleaning your skin and after scrubbing my feet, toes, heels and washed it all out, my feet felt really relaxed and not to mention the minty feeling it gave my skin. ;) It was a great treat!

So, if you love going on spa trips, but don't have the time or budget to do it often, try out ME TIME MANILA's Peppermint foot lotion and scrub at the comfort of your own home for only Php 30 to Php 100.

Enjoy your ME TIME!

x A.F.A.

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  1. The perks of blogging! Nice, Ava. Ooh. I fancy foot scrubs. Think I should give "ME TIME" a try. =)

  2. Oh freebies! One of the many reasons why blogging is great. :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  3. Ooh..I love peppermint foot scrubs :) Will def. check this out!


  4. Thanks for posting this Ava! :) We've linked it to our Facebook na :D

  5. Nice! Everything peppermint is awesome!

  6. Well I guess anything FREE is awesome! :)


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