A night at Members Only

by - March 25, 2011

After my classes last Wednesday, I immediately rushed to Fort to meet up with my fellow bloggers for an intimate gathering at Members Only. :)

I was an hour late due to school and traffic, so it was a shame I had to miss the talk of co-owner of Members Only, GP Reyes with the girls. :( Nevertheless, it was a privilege to meet him. :)

My first ever visit to Members Only was during Glitterati's Prive Fashion Show and it was an unforgettable experience for me, because that was my first bloggers event and it was also that very same night that I gained blogger friends. :) Last Wednesday aside from good company, I had the pleasure of trying out their food for the very first and I love, love love it! From the Angus Beef Burger, Caesar Salad to their Truffle Fries, it was all delicious! 

I recommend their M.O. Special Roll, if you plan on eating there. ;)

The night served as a fun chat among blogger friends and talk about the upcoming Prive Fashion Awards this March 30. Ms. Jenny showed us the different designers nominated and she also told us stories about their amazing works. Will blog about them on my next entry!;)

With Kookie! She looked like a goddess that night!:)
Love them: Krissy, Ana and Honey!
Happy Ms. Jenny!:) Love the shade of her dress.
*photo from honey
Also got to bond with the twins; Stacy and Danah again of THE PLUMP PINAY... I love their style and heart. I'm SO glad Honey introduced us!

And my OTD taken by Honey. :)

 [blazer: lmm | pants: sm | earring: maris online]
I really enjoyed the night and I can't thank Ms. Jenny Yrasuegi and Honey enough for having me there!^_^ Can't wait for the 30th! Hope to see you on that very fasssyyyooon day!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I like your earring and your blazer! So cute! :>

  2. outfit account, Ava! love everything!

  3. love your outfit, your blazer is soooo cute! :)

  4. That's one really nice printed top. :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  5. looooove your outfit ava! you look stunning!:)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit here!!! Gorgeous!! :)

  7. that must have been an exciting gathering. and your blazer is hip!

  8. Wow ava! i love the blazer ;)

  9. love your blazer and your feather earring! so cute!

  10. the feathers are so funky on that outfit! love love! =)


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