10 Things I Love

by - April 20, 2011

Got tagged by fellow blogger, Aya to show you guys 10 things I love. Thanks for the tag, Aya! 

So, here they are... :)

1.) My Drawing/Doodle Notebook
Whenever I feel bored or inspired with something, I take this out of my bag!

2.) My Planner
I'm really forgetful now. So, this is a helpful reminder of my school works, deadlines and events. I also write on it when something significant happened. :)

3.) My growing collection of Stabilo and Staedtler pens + Faber-Castell pencils!
Of course, if I have a doodle notebook and planner, coloring materials are a must! These are my favorite. :)

4.) Mitch Albom and Sophie Kinsella books
Two of my favorite authors. I can't get enough of Mitch Albom's inspiring stories and Sophie Kinsella's shopaholic series. These are just some of my books. There's more. :)

5.) Accessories!
These are a few of my favorites. As you can see, I am crazy about feathers, so I was over the moon when I received a package from Ms. Claire of Trinkets Royale containing this gorgeous feather necklace for my birthday!:) Oh do watch out for my giveaway too, cos Trinkets Royale is one of the sponsors. ;) Thank you again, Ms. Claire!

6.) Nail polish!
I don't know if it's quite obvious, but I super love nail polish. I am more into it when the colors are not the typical ones you see. :)

7.) Trinkets Galore
I love trinkets so much. So, expect to see a lot of keychains on my bags and house key. =P

8.) Gadget must-have's for me!
I can never leave home without my phone. I feel naked without it. Seriously. The ipod is so that I don't space out when I'm bored. =P The Script on replay!

9.) Satchel Bags
I am crazy about them!

10.) Favorite Bag
I don't use this often, because I'm trying to be careful with it. My Mom gave this to me for Mother's day and my birthday two years ago. :)

Well, that's all! Hope I didn't bore you. =P Now, I tag...

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  1. cute colors of nail polishes! and those satchel bags are gorgeous!

  2. your planner is sooo cute with everything drawn mine is full of erasures!

  3. Will do this when I'm free ava! :)

  4. Maybe i should have a drawing book, too.

  5. I like the dream catcher doodle! I have a thing for that! :)

  6. I like the ipod case and the cellphone case, where did you bought it?

  7. love and like the planner and doodle book! so colorful i wanaa steal it. hhahah!!

  8. I loooooove all the ten things that you love! =))

  9. Love how you write in your planner. And your keychains too :D

  10. i loved the cellphone case it's personalized and also the iPod case, where can I get that?

  11. i love mitch albom books too!

  12. Happy Birthday, dear! :) I soooo love your satchels!! :)

  13. Love the Satchel Bags! Happy happy Birthday Ava :)

  14. i love with you did with the sb planner! :)

  15. very cute and creative planner. makes me want to start one too :)

  16. I love your doodle notebook and your planner!! I love how creative you are. I don't even know how to draw and my planner is just filled WITH plain writings. Heh. Your bags are amazing!


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