Black & Green: OTD

by - April 03, 2011

Attended the Axe event last Friday at MoA and the attire had to be black. I don't have much black tops, because as our Chinese tradition goes, pure black tops aren't good or only speaks of death, so I only have colorful tops, grays and if it is black, it has to have another color mixed with it. I got a bit pressured with my OTD, but came up with this...

Mixed my black with green accessories, so it won't look plain. :)

Thank you to, Ms. Ally of Gold Dot for my shoes and for being SO nice!:) I love it to bits.

Watch out for my post about the Axe event!

x A.F.A.

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  1. i super love your satchel and your wedges! i love that you incorporated blue/green accessories to this black ensemble!

    ps. sayang nga na hindi pa kita nami-meet in real life. :| hope to meet you soon ava! :)

  2. I love those wedges! Gorgeous satchel too! I want one! :D Where did you bought it?

  3. You look great Ava!!! Again, thank you for coming with me!!! :-D

  4. love the wedges ava! I love gold dot! sana lang may big sizes sila for my big feet. hahaha

    btw, I have opened my blog already!

  5. I love your look Ava!!! great wedges, gusto ko rin nyan!!! :D


  6. Looooove the outfit!!!!!!!! :) Especially the purse!

  7. I think you did great with this outfit...:)

    and opposite you, I mostly have blacks and greys before so when there's a birthday I get lost in what to wear.

  8. You look great Ava! I love how you mixed the color green into your outfit. And oooh.... I've been drooling over those wedges since the first time I saw them at gold dot's website! Inggit ako.. I want one too! But i think they're sold out na?

    I Am DollParts

  9. lemme raid your closet and i'll steal all your pants. :) you look so pretty, Ava... di halatang na pressure ka what to wear. :D And the wedges, wow, they're lovely!

  10. wow! very pretty! i love your outfit. and your wedge is awesome!!! <3

  11. Great outfit twin! :) love your pants!

  12. is that a real mulberry? didn't know they had that color

  13. You got the bag? Yay! Ava i love your shoes so much! =)

  14. Is your bag from Egg? I want din! :)


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