Flower Friday!

by - May 06, 2011

Went to Yangmingshan today with Mom and Athan to view the Calla Lilies being grown there and do some actual flower picking!:)

See the fog??

The place was in the mountains, so the weather was cold and breezy. Forgot to bring a jacket, but thank goodness for long sleeves!

This is another thing I love about Taiwan. Just a bus ride away and you'll be able to enjoy nature at its finest. :)

Mom, Me and Athan!
Athan got ecstatic when he saw the field of Calla lilies and wanted to immediately go flower picking!

Together with the other people picking!

We picked about ten lilies and let me tell you, Athan and I are SO not the best flower pickers!=P Some of the stems were short and the others were tall. The rest of the people picking near us had perfect stems! One Calla lily is equal to NT$ 10, so after picking we went to pay for them and even the lady packing the flowers said, "What happened to these??!" She made me feel like we butchered it! Yikes!:)) But, judging by the picture, we still had an awesome time. :)

After our flower power picking, we went to this store that sells vases and other pretty plants...

These were really beautiful, but what caught my attention were these super cute baby cactus!^_^ I begged my mom if we could take one home, but she said we could have four!!:)

Athan excited to take our new babies home!:)

It was a really tiring day, because the travel time all in all was like about 2-3 hours, but I'm happy we did something different for a change. :) I can't wait for next week!!!

Hope you all are having a great start to your weekend. :)

x A.F.A

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  1. all the photos made me go "Awww" they're so candid! It's obvious that you had fun! cute cactuses! may eyes pa, hahaha

    Be safe there!

  2. - i love the photo of you and baby athan after picking the lilies! its a wonderful moment, i bet.

    - and omgosh! the colorful cactus! this is my first time to see a cactus with colorful flowers. thanks for sharing!

  3. Awww you and Athan look adorable! This is a great Mother's Day post, by the way. Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. This is sooo special <3 I love your relationship with your mom and athan :) <3

  5. haha I love tiny cactus too! and ang arap naman sa flower farm kayo! :)

  6. Happy Mother's day Ava! Stay Happy! :)

  7. lovely photos, ava! :)

    haven't been in touch with nature lately.

    have a great weekend!

  8. omg.. I love those pics and know what? this reminds me of Seattle because its spring now and I just <3 the flowers around and stuff

  9. awwwww ava! this is such a sweet post! now i want to visit taiwan too! the scenery is sooo lovely! =)

  10. I want to try flower picking in Taiwan! Looks like fun! :) Super cute cacti! :)

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  12. Love the 6th photo! Profile picture material. Haha. It's perfect for Mother's Day! :)

    How cold is it there? :) Gusto ko din magpunta dyan since F4 days pa. At dream ko maging Taiwanese dati. Haha. Taiwanese talaga at hindi Korean or Chinese. :p

    And mas gusto ko yung Asianovelas na galing Taiwan kesa sa Korean. :)

  13. happy mom's day dear ava! :D keep safe you guys! :D

  14. happy mom's day dear ava! :D keep safe you guys! :D

  15. You look sweet talaga together, i love all the photos!!! ganda ng mga calla lilies ang super cute ng mga cactus with eyes!!! :) Happy mother's day Ava! :)


  16. What a lovely view. Makes me want to go in Taiwan and do some flower picking <3

  17. those are the cutest baby cactus i've ever seen!!! and glad you had a great time with your mom and athan :)

  18. wow!! i love flowers!!! ;) this is such an amazing post.. love your blog! happy mothers day dear ;) followed you.

    hope you could visit my blog too..


  19. woah, a cold and breezy place at the mountains? wish i could go there right now, since it's pretty hot here in our country. xD

    i really want to pick some flowers up there too! they look so fresh that i'd want to keep them for myself. :))

    and awwww .. those baby cactus are so cute! :D

    i love the photos! :) they prove to the viewers that Taiwan could be a great place to travel to! i wish i could go there.


  20. that photo of Athan looking up at you is just priceless. his smile tells a vivid story of how much he's having fun picking flowers. :) that's so lovely. :) calla lilies are one of my fave flowers! :) especially the small bright yellow ones! :)
    did u also notice that flowers [plants in general] are more colorful and vibrant/alive in other countries compared to here in mla. our air is polluted. :(

  21. liit pa ni athan here and your hair is so long! hahaha


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