Taiwan Day 4 & 5!

by - May 05, 2011

Being here in Taiwan for a while can sometimes be boring when my Mom's at work, because Athan and I usually just stay at home, so it's always best to plan things to do for us to make the most out of our time here. :)
Yesterday, we arranged a play date for Athan and his friend Huck here at Taipei American School. Kids get really hyper when they're just stuck at home, so it's best that parents do these things to help exercise their children and of course for them to have fun as well. :)

We stopped by at Huck's place first so they could play a little. They both love cars so much, so it wasn't hard for them to bond. :)

On the way out of Huck's place, they have a Fire Station nearby. The fireman was nice enough to let the two boys ride on their firetrucks and ambulance. Imagine how happy they were when they heard that!:)

After the fire station ride, we headed to T.A.S. for some sand castle building!

It was really nice seeing Athan happy during play dates and finally, he conquered his fear of sand!:)

Today, was my turn to meet up with a friend, who is also my former batchmate in high school, Dennise! Both our parents are based here in Taiwan, so we usually come here every summer and try to catch up. I missed our Taiwan bonding!:)

We met up at Takashimaya Mall. It's quite near our house that's why Athan and I just walked. We were also 30 minutes late. Bad!! Fortunately, Dennise is really patient!:)

There wasn't much to do in Takashimaya, so after lunch we headed to Starbucks and talked endlessly about our lives!:))

Cute heart!
The sweet taste of the fruit cake and bitter caffe latte I had was really good! Will definitely try it again! BTW, isn't the cake cute?? I love how they make things quirky here!

We also went to an Eslite bookstore here in Tienmu, so that Athan can read a bit and we can check out some bookstore goodies!

Love the wall design of their children section. Athan and I read about two books here! :)

Got caught up with this area filled with cute notebooks!! Wanted the "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON." :)

It was to see Dennise again and bonding with her. Athan and I surely used up our Thursday in a productive way!:) Hoping for more bonding and productive days!

Now, it's dinner time!!

Tomorrow is the weekend and I can't wait!!!

x A.F.A

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  1. Athan is so cute! Looks like you guys is having a mommy and son bonding, so adorable to see it in your blog post!

  2. ADORBS! :) Your son is soooo cute! Enjoy! :D

  3. ohmygoood! bookstore! sooo cute! wow it's nice talaga na taiwan is your 2nd home. =)

  4. looks like a fun bonding with playmate! :) great time together for both you too, Athan's all smile! :)


  5. Awww Athan is just precious. :) I also want the "Keep calm and carry on notebook"!!! Cute!!!

  6. great mom and son bonding :D

  7. Athan's so cute!!! He was afraid of sand before? Why? It's nice to see catch up with old friends you've not seen for so long :D

  8. Athan is so adorable and wish Sam (my daughter) will have her play date too. I love the Keep Calm and Carry On Notebook, wish meron dito sa Philippines.

  9. dinner looks really good!!! athan is so adorable, good thing you have friends there to keep you company while mom is away. your eye looks better too! :)

  10. Ang cute ng mga bata! :)

    love the photos too, Ava. looks like you're having fun in Taiwan. :)

  11. aww Athan seems so happy! =) Enjoy your vacation babe! *beso

  12. you baby boy is sooo cute ava. awww, you guys sure had a lot of fun. take care! :D

  13. Your little boy looks so adorable! It's so nice you have someone to look forward to whenever you go to Taiwan! :)



  14. Great photos! I hope I can visit Taiwan someday soon! Athan and Huck playing in the sand are adorable :)

  15. awwww.. :"> those kids are so cute! :D yum, the food looks delicious. :))

  16. I never really thought of going to Taiwan. Thanks for sharing these photos :) it peaked my curiosity and should research more about it for possible future trip...Oh, I want that "keep calm and carry on" notebook too! I have an affinity for anything union jack!

  17. Athan the Fireman is too cuuuute!!!

  18. i'm sorry that i'm paying more attention to your dinner. because im a healthy eater. i see taiwan cucumbers - the slim ones! :) i love! hehe


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