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by - July 12, 2011

I think when it comes to shopping, shoes and bags would be my greatest sin. But of course, now that times are pretty tough, I have to learn how to save or better yet, try to find good buys at a lower price. Fortunately, the shopping gods have been good to me because I've shopped a couple of times without having to spend a single dime or even if I do, I don't shell out thousands of bucks just to have what I want due to every fashionistas favorite word--SALE!:)

What's my point? Yesterday, I attended a private sale together with my blog friends at MANELS, Megamall and just entering their store, I already knew that I was going to find it difficult to pick something, because I wanted almost everything on their shelves and they were all 50% off!!:)



I'm a frequent visitor of SM Megamall because Gersh works nearby and I've seen Manels old store before and I was surprised to see their new and improved interior. I was personally attracted to the bright pink color that stands for their high-fashion women's brand Catch while bright blue stands for their men's casual line Maphisto. :)

And like almost all my entries, if I found something pretty or anything interesting I would definitely share it with you guys, and I also just want to be a tease, so here!=P


Love at fringe sight and really cute satchel bag :)







Fierce clogs!

All of these came from their bright pink shelf and did I mention, I wanted to have almost everything??:))

Now, off to the other shelves!



This was my first choice. The studs caught my attention and they're the last pair!


Can't go wrong with the classic loafers..casual chic!;)


I wanted the left bag so much! Don't you just love the bohemian theme?


Animal print!


They also offer casual and stylish belts


Need new school shoes? Manels has them too


To all the men out there, don't fret! Manels also has a wide range of stylish shoes for you!;)

Here are some pictures of me and the girls shopping in action!:)


Me and Beb Ana! We always need to have a photo together. =P


Finally met Charles of Wickermoss :)


Honey sporting her newly bought flats from Manels. :)


With Jen, Rache and Kai :)


With Sarah and Lauren!

Now the hard part... Which one do I pick to take home?


The gray buckles or brown oxfords..Hmm..will let you know soon! :)


Time to pay!

I know those may seem a lot already, but believe me, that's only a portion of what Manels, Megamall has to offer. You should go and check them out, because if we got to attend a private sale, you too can experience their awesome items on sale! 

For Manels 47th year in Philippine Fashion, they will be having a 5-Day Anniversary Sale from JULY 13 to 17...

They will be offering ALL items (shoes, bags, and accessories) at 50% OFF at ALL BRANCHES!:) Imagine that?? This will serve as a thank you to all their customers for having been with them these last five decades. As a bonus, they're also giving ALL ITEMS at 55% OFF for transactions which have five or more items. Jot this on your calendar, so you don't miss out!

Another treat awaits people who love and buy from Manels...


The Manels Nation campaign aims to make ALL our customers a part of our advertisements. What's gotten us through all these years is the support of our countrymen. 
  Among competitors, we believe that we've remained true to our roots as proudly Pinoy. The Manels Nation campaign positions Manels as the "National Leather Goods". What better way  to  do  this than utilizing today's available tools through social networks and fashion websites. Each customer now has the chance to get featured online and in our stores by posing with their Manels items and uploading these pictures through our Facebook page and After your purchase today, we'd like YOU to become part of Manels Nation as well! :)

Manels is really stepping up its game in the fashion scene here. I'm glad I was able to witness yesterday how dedicated they are to give the best to their clients with their nice shoes, friendly staff and usually we're greeted by PR's, but at this event, we had the privilege of meeting the VP of operations and owner of Manels, Mr. Mark Siggaoat. :)


Thank you to the friendly and courteous staff of Manels!


The class picture with Mr. Mark Siggaoat. ^_^


Ana, Krissy, Me and Keigh :)


**Photos from Frank :)

I had an great time shopping at Manels yesterday with the blog friends. Now, I can't wait to style my new shoes!!:) Thank you, Manels for having us and more power!:)

Don't forget to drop by their 5-Day Sale! You won't regret it!

To know more about MANELS visit:

x A.F.A.

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  1. aww I love sale too!haha! And those two shoes you were fitting in the photo, is just gorgeous! But I think the oxfords suits you best! :)

  2. i missed seeing athan dear! nvrtheless nice seeing you ava:))

  3. Hello Ava!! I hope you chose the buckled boots! It looks good on you! Hmm..fingers crossed! :]

  4. Will def check the tore when I get back to Manila. Too bad I wasn't able to come, again. hehe :)

    You ladies looked amazing! :)

  5. fabfinds from manels. :) cool items they got there.

  6. It would've been better if you bought both shoes... but I bet you got the brown oxfords. Hehe!

    Studded Bliss

  7. ah how sad that i missed this event. as usual. i'm absent! :( look at all those pretty shoes!!!!!! envious much! hahahaha.

  8. oh wow! love the stuff! now i'm a manels convert! lol..thanks for sharing this info ava! will check the store out soon! muah!

  9. aww I missed having dinner with you guys! Walang chika moment coz I was in a hurry! I really love your shirt Ava! =)

  10. I saw the clogs din and i was sooo smitten by it! I'm thinking of buying na tuloy. haha!

  11. Wow! i'll definitely check them out.. anyways, i nominated you for an award.. check out my blog! hihihi... miss yah!

  12. wow!
    great shop it has amazing stuff
    to bad we don't have it in Switzerland

    New Post: Roberto Cavalli in Switzerland!
    Would love to have you as a follower

  13. Wow its always so nice seeing my favorite bloggers together :P and ava, i like your top!

  14. EEEEP! The first picture that I was in! Center pa eeh! Anyway, I love this sale, it's so hard to take a pick from all the beautiful pairs!

  15. Wow! Manels is having a sale!!! Love those shoes and bags!!!

    Oh and btw, Orange Señorita Shop is one of the sponsors of Vivawoman's July Giveaway Contest. We are giving away almost 2,000++ worth of Human Nature products. We do hope you can join and participate. :D

  16. Twin, I'm really feeling the buckled boots on you! I hope you got that one. ;) It's a different style, but I think it suits you just right. I am soo going to drag R to Manels this Sunday! I want my slice of shoegasm. :D Grabe, 50% off on ALL items? Can't believe! And I really like the shoes you took pictures of. :> [Cue: Drool] Hahaha

  17. omg that fringe purse in your pic- i saw it back when I was in Taipei in May but it was the brown one and it was 3000NT, I was gonna buy it but then for some reason I didn't and I regret it since!!

  18. I vote for the gray buckled boots! haha :)

  19. the shoes/bags looks amazing, and i was like i should check their website but then i cant...why??.wondering

  20. I was there too :)) And I couldn't decide what pair to get. There are just too many beautiful shoes :))


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