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by - July 16, 2011




[top: courtesy of F-STOP | shorts: edc | shoes: Manels]

On my previous entry, I gave a little cliffhanger regarding which shoes I took home during the Manels Private Sale and most of you guys wished that I got the gray shoes with buckles and yes, you guys are right! I did take the gray shoes home instead of the oxfords, because I realized I already have too many oxfords and flats, so I opted for something new. :) I am really diggin' how comfy and chic these shoes are. I don't regret my decision!:) If you want to see more awesome shoes, visit the last day of Manels sale tomorrow! Remember, 50% OFF on ALL ITEMS!!

On a random note, some people have been telling me that I look really thin and pale nowadays and frankly, that bothers me. Not them telling me, but the mere fact that I know and hate that I am losing weight despite me eating a lot. :( I have a really bad sleeping pattern, so I guess it's about time that I try to at least sleep early and I might try drinking milk or vitamins to boost my appetite even more. Sigh. Sorry if you, guys have to see me stick thin in my pictures now. Reason why I only posted one whole body. :( But, I promise to do my very best to be healthy again. Scouts honor!:)

Anyhoo, off to some good vibes--had dinner out and did some grocery with the family today. It was really fun for me even if those activities sound typical on a saturday night, because its not everyday that I get to spend it with my whole family (meaning the people in our house). This time I had my Angkong, Ahma, A Yi, Mom, Gersh and Athan!:)

Also, I wrote an article for EUPHORIA ONLINE about How to wear feathers...

Just click on STYLE BLOG and you'll find my article along with other fashion bloggers. 

The owner, Kat Eusebio was kind enough to trust me with this and I feel honored that she picked me to have a spot on her online store. :) Feel free to also view her latest collection. Her items sell like pancakes!

And lastly, a few things that made me happy last week...



The kind of accessory I love the most, FEATHERS!:) Got the bracelets from Bell Charms and I'd like to thank Mika of MARIS ONLINE for giving me the brice feather earring!:)


Gersh got me these pink goodies. I feel like a kid having the Hello Kitty Pez, but what the heck! I'm actually still wanting to get the transparent version of it. =P Finally, I'm also joining the coke glass craze in pink!:)

Sorry for bombarding you with pictures! Feels like I haven't blogged in ages! (5 days lang eh..=P) haha!

Hope you guys had a good saturday too!~xo

x A.F.A.

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  1. Hi Ava! Thank you for your comment. :)

    btw, you have so many nice and unique accessories!

  2. I love the feather accessories! And the pair you chose from Manel's looks so good on you. :)

  3. I keep talking about being plump and proud that I sometimes forget that even "thin" girls have their own insecurities.. I'm happy though that you wanna do something about it.. Skinny or fatty, doesn't matter.. I love you girls to bits.. And I will miss you so so much. :(((( Love you!! See you on Tuesday..

  4. love your outfit Ava :) I want that feather bracelets din

  5. I'd give you my fats if you want!! HAHAHAHA -_- But really :P Good luck with gaining weight! :)

  6. I think we have the same body figure Ms. Ava and It kinda worries me because I really ate a lot and still I'm not pigging out :| Good Luck though :) btw Love those feather accessories!

  7. Hi Ava!!! Omg I desperately want that coke glass bottle...can..cup hahaha I love coke even though I know it's so bad for your body! >< I loved it so much one time that my bf had to moderate my intake hahaha That's a long time past though and Im glad that I can resist the fizzy temptation now!.....or can I =P Wow an online published article!!! Congrats!

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway btw! Im glad you like the prizes! =D

  8. Love all the colors in this outfit! :P Such an eye candy!

  9. i love the shoes on you ava! ganda. :) lovin the feather accessories too! i have yet to get one for myself! :)

  10. yay, finally the shoes! they look really good on you :) i have the same problem about eating. i have to eat an enormous amount of food to avoid looking haggard :S

  11. Hello Ava,
    I used to have that insecurities back when I was like Olive Oyl in my college years but just out of nowhere, I gained weight! I wished that I could go back to those years back when I was thin but I just love my cheeseburgers too much and I can't just bid farewell to them! HAHAHA! My officemates keep on telling me that I'm soo lucky I could get away with it but they don't know how much I try my best to tuck that tummy in!HAHA!
    Anyway, I'm soo glad that you chose the gray wedge! You look good in it!:)
    More power! ;p

  12. i love your name ! ava nicole! so posh! :))

  13. i love what you chose ava! it suits you! :) it's ok to be thin as long as your healthy & not getting sick :) but if you want to gain some weight it would be ok too. hope to see you soon! mwah! :)

  14. get enough sleep my dear <3 and hey i like your name! <3

  15. Hi Ava! I love the feather bracelet and I also have a Homer Simpson Pez! Couldn't help it :)) You could stand to gain some weight but you still look good!


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