Creme Brulee

by - August 25, 2011





white top & dress: taiwan
earring: c/o crow

Been busy with school for the past week and with Athan so I didn't attend much events since August started. Luckily, my schedule today permitted me to go to Golden ABCs event. :) Though I missed the FaDAL one cos we had to run to MMC to get Athan's lab test. Sigh. There's always a next time. Congrats again to Mike and Karl!:)

Anyhoo, why the title? My outfit's color kind of reminds me of creme brulee, so that's the first thing that came into mind. =P I also didn't really think of what I would wear for the event cos I was so groggy from the long day at the hospital with Athan, but I hope I pulled off my "impulse" look well. :)

Will blog about the Golden ABC presscon up next. Watch out for that!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. i love ur outfit. so feminine. pretty *.*

  2. oh my god you look lovelier with short hair ava! love this outfit and your shoes!!! :)

  3. I love your new look, Ava... sweeter than ever! And oh, Athan's sick? :( Get well soon wonder boy <3

  4. u look so fresh with your new hair avs!:))

  5. im loving the shoes ava! :) and i love how girly this outfit is :)

  6. im loving the shoes! :) and the outfit's so girly :)


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