What do you GET UP for?

by - August 26, 2011

Attended the press release of Golden ABC last night at Museum Cafe and honestly, I really didn't know what to expect because its actually my first event from Golden ABC and when I got there it was pretty intimate with only a few bloggers in the room and the wonderful people behind GABC. We were also served a yummy a la carte dinner. :)




When we were asked that question at the Golden ABC's press release, I suddenly stopped and thought to myself, "what do I get up for everyday?" I realized that I get up for a lot of things; for Athan who means the whole world to me, for my loved ones, for my schooling, for what I love to do, my dreams, and to help people in need even in small ways.

Golden ABC is the country's fashion pioneer and owner of leading brands Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, and Regatta. For their 25th anniversary they'll be launching an innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, entitled "GET UP".



I guess you're wondering why "GET UP" well, GABC got the Tagalog tag line of "Anong Get Up mo?"(meaning: what are you wearing?) But with that, Mr. Bernie Liu, CEO & President of Golden ABC also want people to know that its not just about what we wear, but it's also the call to action to do something valuable for others and the country.

We were also shown a video showing the different people involved in GABC's advocacy and I was surprise to see that fellow blogger, Sarah was actually in it! One cool momma!!:)


Fashion now has taken a different toll and I admire the people who not only meet the wants of people through clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. But works on their social responsibility as well.

So how does GABC's platform work? Its easy as pie!


For every minimum single receipt purchase of Php 1,000 in any stores (Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo & Regatta) of GABC, the customers are given the chance to donate Php 25 to any advocacy of their choice. You will also be given a shoelace token and a donation card with a unique number code and an augmented reality pattern.

Picture 4

When you finally have your shoelace, you can log onto GETUP.PH and you can donate your Php 25 to your chosen advocacy....



Easy, right? You get to shop and help out!:) Did I mention the shops are also on sale?;) I actually already tried this out and donated to EDUCATION. But do take not that the GET UP advocacy will officially start on September 1. So, if you can hold on to your wallets until that date, then that will be very much appreciated. Its for a good cause!:)

I'm really happy I attended this event. Not only did I learn something, I also met CNN hero, Efren Penaflorida, new people and got to bond with my fellow bloggers..



With Sarah, Jeri, Gellie, Vern and Mikka
It was my first time to meet Gellie, Jeri and Mikka. They're really nice. :)

I wanna thank Golden ABC for having me at their presscon. It was an eye opener for me that big companies like them do not only think about making profit, but they also a big heart to change the lives of people in need. :)
How about you? What do you get up for?:)

To know more about GABC and GET UP visit the following:

x A.F.A.

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  1. wow! sarah is so amazing talaga! and this is like fashion for a cause and giving back to the community. nice. :)

  2. Hey Ava! Kindly check out our new clothing brand! We just launched our 1st collection: All We Are! :D Check it our in http://ellemel.mutliply.com. Hope you'll love it!

  3. Nice! Its good to hear that social responsibility is alive and well in the country. =)

  4. This is really nice. :) Shopping and helping at the same time. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!


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