Fueled by Saturday

by - August 14, 2011

My favorite day of the week will always be Saturday. I get a day off from school, get to stay up late for midnight snacks and spend the whole day with my family. 



We always go to Glorietta or Mall of Asia whenever the weekend comes around and we're already tired of seeing the same places over and over again, so today we decided to go to Trinoma. We had a yummy lunch at Taco Bell thanks to Gersh. I can't tell you enough how much I missed their Cheesy fiesta potatoes and Meal C platter. Too bad all the Taco Bell branches are far from our place. :( But like Gersh says, its better to eat it once in awhile so I won't get tired of it. Thank you, Love for the treat! It was definitely a good lunch!:-*

We also took Athan to the toy store and since we didn't have a car and won't be having one for 21 days, lugging a stroller around the MRT was out of the question. What to do when you have a hyper child? Give him an hour worth of ride in a fancy stroller...


See? Happy as clam. :)

While in Trinoma, I texted fellow blogger, Nikki Abella if we could meet up there. She won the third prize of my birthday giveaway and believe me, this meet up was waaaayyy overdue. I'm so glad we finally met and I was able to hand out her prize. Yey! Hope you enjoy them, Nikki! It was awesome to see you again!


After meeting up with Nikki, we went to Starbucks to have a little drink before heading home. While the Hubby was ordering drinks for us, the baby decided to sit down and I couldn't help not to take a picture of him...


He is the sweetest thing and I love him to bits! We're really blessed to have him as our son. :")

Oh and another reason why we went to Trinoma today was to pick this up at Analog Soul...


I am beyond ecstatic to have this in my arms! I actually can't believe I now own my very own S.O.S. Super thank you to Bianca Donato!!:) What is bliss???:))

I didn't get the chance to take a decent OTD today, so excuse my blurry picture!=P



top: courtesy of euphoria online
pants: edc
shoes: mom's

I wore a feather earring, but since I had my hair down, you really can't see it. Sad!:( Next time! I'll divert it to my stack of bracelets! I remember one time, I was driving to MoA with my mom and she motioned her eyes to my right arm and said, "Para kang mauubusan ng bracelet. Ang dami!:)" I love my mom! She meant that in a funny way and I actually laughed when she said that cos I honestly can't leave the house without at least 2 bracelets on my wrist. Fetish. Haha!:))

BTW, I'd like to thank Kat Eusebio of Euphoria Online for sending me the really cute top! Loving the cute-out details!^_^ 

Well, that's all for this weekend! Hope I didn't bore you with my personal post! I kinda miss doing this to be honest. :) Hope you all had a great Saturday! Will spend the Sunday baking with the family!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Napansin ko lang, ang haba na agad ng hair mo.. Miss you.. And nakakatawa talaga si Tita.. :P Naalala ko nanaman tuloy yung "Nissan Nissan!!!" hahahahah!! Dapat pala yun ang sinabe ko sa new vlog ko. LOLLLL

  2. what an awesome Saturday! Aww madalas kame sa trinoma Ava, and Marise is really fond of that fancy cart haha! :) next time you'll go to Trinoma let me know so Marise could see again Athan :) and I love those bracelets! :)

  3. Your little boy is so cute!! And I love your bracelets Ava! :)

  4. im loving your pants & bracelet :) sorry, mind me asking where you got them? :) what's edc. sorry!

    i can imagine fashionista din mom mo kasi your shoes are so nice too! :D

  5. I fell in-love with the bracelets! :) It suits you, flawless! :D

  6. Cute bag! =)

    We also go to MOA whenever we feel the need to window shop. Hehehe! =)

  7. Love that blouse and I want your cuffs and bracelets! :)

  8. looks fun naman!!!:) and ang cute ni athan ha miss ko na si little boy!!!:) cute din ng mom mo! love ko na si tita kc pag nagkikita kami parang happy na happy sha hihi. Miss you girly!

  9. was that a skull (? or alien) bracelet?
    regardless --- i love it!

    where did u buy it?

  10. Ang cute talaga ni Athan! And yes, family days are the best days. Can you believe I haven't eaten at Taco Bell yet? I must try that out. Your pile of bracelets actually looks cute!
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  11. Athan is super adorable!

    I love Saturdays too because I spend the weekends with my family in Pampanga after five days of work here in Makati. And home-cooked food is the best. :)

  12. awww now I want Taco bell! =) Miss you Ava! love the bracelets!

  13. athan's so cute! ;)

    and i love love the bracelets!

    i'm a MOA person too ;)

  14. The photo of that delicious food made me hungry! :D

  15. Natawa ako sa mom mo...my mom tends to say those things to me too. I miss you and Athan.

  16. love your bracelets! where did you get the dream bracelet?


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