Internet individuality

by - August 28, 2011

I really don't know what my internet individuality is but that was the dress code for the very first Globe Tatt  Awards and since the theme color of Tattoo has a hint of orange, I decided to wear the same color!:)

And to add my internet individuality to it, I paired it with colorful accessories that I can never go without...STACKED BRACELETS!!^_^


dress: zara
scarf: taiwan
bag: nine west

I remember getting a question before on formspring asking me if I still commute even if I'm in a skirt and my answer was, YES! I actually commute even if I'm in a dress and heels. :) Its pretty challenging, but sometimes I have no choice. The technique is to just pretend that people don't exist when they're staring at you. As if you don't see anything. Haha!:)) A little fashion commuter tip!;) But the original Fashion commuter is still my Beb, Ana!

Anyhoo, can't wait to blog about the Globe Tatt Awards. Stay tuned!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I really love your scarf! It just completes your whole outfit. Where was the Globe Tatt Awards held?

  2. Oh you know Erika of Shop Dainty? :D

    Your heart accessory is just so cute ♥ and the scarf is just love Ü

  3. I love it when girls can commute while all-geared up :) Sometimes, I feel like people are staring so I have to hassle hubby always to drive for me...

    Although in Riyadh, this isn't much of a problem because we wear abaya over our 'actual' clothes...

    Nice outfit girl! Love ur purse!!

  4. Ang saya naman maspecial mention! Thanks Beb! Fashionista Commuters unite!!! :)

  5. You look great in orange :) love the pop of leopard too! You got the bungee cord bracelet already! Hope you like it!

  6. So pretty as ever. I tried commuting wearing skirts and romper too but it's kinda awkward for me. So I'll opt not to dress-up when I'm commuting.


  7. Love the color of the dress!


  8. the combination of the scarf and orange dress is adorable. I never knew it will look good... it does. Good advice, I also commute even though with heels and a dress on


  9. Hello Ava! I really hate to go all-out especially that I am a big commuter too, Hahha! I always ride the jeepney everytime I go to work, I find it such a hassle. I remembered once the heel was left when I stepped inside the jeep. So embarassing!! Hahahah! Love your orange dress! Looking good, dear :)

  10. I like the way you styled the orange dress Ava! It looks great with the prints.:)

  11. OMG I love your whole outfit Ava :) you look so gorgeous

  12. You always look so fresh, Ava. Aside from your fashion sense, I envy your clear skin, too.

  13. Love your dress Ava!so vibrant!:) I agree, I also commute in a dress and heels!Just ignore them,it's a free country!:))

  14. Ava, this has got to be my favorite outfit of yours so far. :) It's very pretty and you did very well with the accessorizing. That scarf truly prettified it more. And yes, stacked bracelets have become your signature look. :)
    Mars of fashion insouciance
    Join my giveaway! I am giving away two chic items from Giordano!

  15. Hi Ava :) hope you don't mind that I posted a link to your blog on my fb page. I wanted to show some of the winners of my blog giveaway

  16. Love the orange dress and your scarf. It's perfection! Natawa ako sa fashion commuter. Never tried it but I might as well do! With heels and skirts galore.


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