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by - August 29, 2011

My hair has been jet black ever since I was a baby, From grade school to high school you're really not allowed to have colored hair so I never got the chance and I didn't attempt to color it even when I got to college already. As hair stylists would call it, "virgin hair!" =P so last Sunday I went on a little trip to Azta Urban Salon at SM San Lazaro to pamper my hair and give it a makeover. I thought it was about time for a change!;)


I like how the place was spacey and really clean. No clippings of hair on the floor whatsoever and each seat already has magazines waiting for the customers viewing pleasure. Thumbs up!


Another nice thing about Azta is they also have drinks on the house and with many choices too! I had cold milk tea and it was good!^_^


Like I mentioned above, I have no experience with hair coloring, so I was bit clueless when it came to picking colors. I wanted something noticeable but at the same time not too drastic, so I picked the color that was closest to brown; The dark beige golden blonde a.k.a. color 6, 73. :)

And the result? *drum roll*


Tadah! I wasn't able to take pictures at the salon anymore cos there were a lot of people coming in. *kahiya* hihi!=P I honestly wish I picked something that was MORE noticeable, because the effect of the color that I picked was lighter than I expected. But still I'm happy that it tamed my jet black hair to a slightly brownish shade. :) What you guys think?


I wanna thank the wonderful people of Azta Urban Salon (Ms. July, Len and Melai) for taking good care of me and my hair!

And before I end this post, while I was at the salon, I also noticed their ongoing promo for L'OREAL hair color...

Table top

Imagine, 40% OFF on Color change, highlights and streaks! If you ask me, that's a really good deal and a huge discount on your bill. So if you're planning to give your hair a treat, then drop by any of Azta's 5 branches that has the ongoing promo...

1. Katipunan -4346733
2. Metroeast - 6822107
3. Eastwood City - 6876527
4. Alabang Town Center - 6592249
5. SM City San Lazaro - 3531433

Better hurry cos promo runs only until end of September 2011.  I also posted their price range above to give you an idea or estimate. :)

Thank you again to Azta Urban Salon and Meg Lachica for a great time. Will surely come back!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. This is very informative! Thank you for giving us price details. :) And your new hair color is beautiful! Ako rin, if ever I decide to have my hair colored I'm going to pick something that isn't too loud. Subtle highlights lang siguro. :)

  2. OMG! Your hair is so nice!! :) bagay na bagay sa iyo Miss Ava! :))

  3. super nice! cguro bagay din sau ung 7.73.. :)ung prices na yan discounted na or on top of that pa? I want mine to be like that as well.. hehehe..

  4. Love your hair! :-) Don't worry, it'll be more noticeable under natural light. :-)

  5. thank you girls for the sweet comments!:)

    @theresa the prices i posted are their real price without discount yet :)

  6. Ganda kaya! Ang bonggang nakakabata!!!:D

  7. Not bad at all! You look waaaay younger!

  8. i love your new hair! Ms. July is my stylist and I can't wait for my digi perm! yey! :)

  9. nicee hair color, it looks good on you. :)

  10. Pretty Ava :) The color you chose is just perfect for yah :D

  11. your haircut really suits you, Ava! =) and the color will lighten pa as it is exposed under sunlight. so pretty! =)

  12. What, really, I mean, seriously? you know what, I actually live near SM San Lazaro-as in walking distance. And I always pass by this salon. I might try to have my haircut soon, in that salon, since you have really good reviews. Thank you! And sayang, I'm almost always in SM SanLa. Sayanggggg. Last time you were at out our school, and then this. Haha, anyway, take care! :)

  13. aww very nice, it suits you :)

  14. it looks good on you dear.. btw if you don't mind, which service did you have or what type of coloring did you avail? i've been wanting to have new color for my hair as well :D

  15. eeep!!! i'm so tempted but I musn't! again :P love your hair :)

  16. you look so cute :-) like it! fits perfect to you


  17. I was actually planning on having my digiperm there. ;)

  18. Ava I love the color on you! It suits you well babe! =)

  19. Love the photos on this post. I am jealous with your courage in trying something different with your hair. I'm never really brave in switching from black to something else. Oh, the hair color suits you. I love it! :)

  20. love your new hair and hair color ava! super bagay! :)

  21. Love your post! I follow you...
    kisses from México!


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