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by - September 01, 2011

Went to the launch of #SMARTNETPHONE tonight at Republiq, Resorts World. The phone has nice features in terms of being online all the time, but I won't spill much of it here. Wait for my entry about it!:)

So, the dress code was smart casual, but I normally don't follow dress codes anymore when it comes to events. I try to dress in what I feel good in. But of course I won't appear in PJ's or slippers!=P

top: mango
trousers: oxygen
shoes: nine west
bag: marc by marc jacobs

The top I wore is actually a really old one already. Its been with me I think ever since high school, but you don't see me wearing it that much cos of the flashy sequins. I don't think they work well with as an everyday clothing, so I waited for the perfect chance to wear it again and what better timing than tonight.  I also thought it would look great with grey, so I wore my trousers from Oxygen. :)

Oh oh! I tried wearing contacts again today! As you can see in my photos, I'm not holding my glasses while posing. Haha! I was expecting my eyes to fail me since the last time I wore my old pair, I ended up with a red left eye. But luckily a few weeks ago, Val of Aigoo Shoppe sent me my very first pair of colored contacts!!:) I was hesitant at first because I didn't know when I could wear contacts again, but I gave it another go tonight and it didn't fail me!^_^ I am so happy I lasted all night with them. 

I'm not quite sure if they're grey or something else, but I love them!:) My priority when it comes to contacts is comfort and I'm very much pleased that the pair from Aigoo Shoppe, which is GEO, didn't even make my eyes swell up. Plus, Val was nice enough to get me contacts with my own prescribed eye grade. Sweet! If you're into colored contacts then you can check her shop out! She's very nice too!;)

Well, that's all! Will blog about Smart Netphone soon! I am officially on sembreak, so expect more blogging!! (as if I don't blog that much already haha!) I'm out! School searching for the little boy tomorrow. Good night!

I'm cooking up a giveaway for my 500 followers and 100,000 hits. Stay tuned for that!;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. you look extra fabulous in these photos :)

  2. OH MY GOSH, TWIN, SUPER FAB NG CONTACTS MO! :) I love how it looks on you. So pretty as always. :) Love your outfit too!

  3. OMG bagay sayo yung contact lens Ava :)

  4. You look so "artista", Ava... Apart from your outfit, super bet ko din kutis mayaman mo, swear! :)))

    Stay fab! <3

  5. Cool talaga ng contacs beb! Lovet!!! Pag may budget nako gusto ko matry yan!:)) and coool sembreak! Nakakamiss ang ganyan a!:D

  6. aha, you wore contact lenses pala. i knew it... there was something different. it looked great on you! ure getting more kikay. i like it!


  8. I don't know if it's just me but you are looking better in each blog post.
    I can really see the transition. Must be the contact lenses or the new hair but no, blooming ka talaga. Happy September, Ava! :)

  9. Love the contacts and your top is also stunning with its detail! :) You look so beautiful in your pics Ms. Ava. :D

  10. I love your entire look here!
    You look dashing :)

  11. ooohlala love the top so much Ava! =)

  12. I knew there's something different about your look! It was the contacts pala! You look even prettier with it, Ava! :) Aww how I wish I made it to the Smart Netphone launch. :( Thanks again for inviting me! I hope you all had fun! :)

  13. Love the outfit. I agree with everyone, your contact lenses do suit youu!:)

  14. I agree with everyone who commented. Your new contacts look great on you! :)

  15. love ur hair :) I love your get-up too :)

  16. i love your outfit. You are gorgeous as always :)

  17. Love the details on of your top! and your eyes look great with those contacts! :)

    Kaye (

  18. The contact lens look good on you Ava!


  19. I love your outfit Ava esp the top! And bagay na bagay sayo ang contacts and I super love your new hair color! <3


  20. Ava you look so pretty! Love your trousers, i have yet to buy one for myself plus the cut out on your blouse makes this look sexy w/o being vulgar. :) Love it! :)

  21. blogwalking..
    love your top!!!
    check out my blog and follow each other. let me know?

    sweet and sugars,

  22. love your top Ava! sayang, I didn't go last night, just sooo tired from all the events lately and everything else that's been keeping me busy. i just felt like laying low for awhile. see you at the mango event! :)

    ps. you look awesome with contacts!

    join my ongoing blog giveaway!!! :)

  23. Thank you for giving the lenses I sell a try :) It really looks good on you, it's a personal fave actually. Not too strong yet subtly sassy XD

    Now that I saw the whole outfit, I must say you look really fab!! <3


  24. i love your total look.. and your contacts lens is definitely a plus :)

  25. you look so fab ava! hope to meet you someday. *fangirl mode* hehe
    followed you on twitter by the way. XD

  26. The contacts look good on you Ava and I love your outfit esp your shoes! Simple, casual and elegant <3


  27. Suuuper gorgeous, Ms. Ava! :) Been reading your blog since then but I was too shy to comment. Hihi. Love your look! ♥ Stunning.


  28. So pretty, Ava! The new hair really suits you!

  29. Those contacts look so good on you!:)) PROMISE! :) Hope you can visit my new blog, Miss AVA



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