Slow Synchro

by - August 20, 2011

The weather these past few days has been so bipolar that I can't even predict what I should wear anymore. If I try to be in rain gear, it doesn't rain. It stays humid. But if I'm using a good pair of shoes, it practically pours. I realized I should just wear what I want and let it be!

And today when it rained like cats and dogs, I opted for a dress...


cardigan & dress: edc
shoes: mom's
necklace: simone's closet
bracelets: extreme finds

I normally choose not to do an outfit post at night, because the lightning isn't the best, but I had no choice today since the weather was really bad during day time. Plus, we attended an awesome kiddy party too, so I totally forgot. =P Will tell you more about it soon!

So, yeah. I was a bit hesitant to take pictures cos its night time, but fortunately while doing test shots I discovered the "Slow Synchro" flash on my camera (late bloomer) and I love love the outcome of my night OTD. Super like the effect of the last photo!! Hoping I could be less stiff and more lively in my shots.

I went a little girly on the colors but remained with my favorite oxfords and I think this somewhat reflected a modern peasant look. :)

That's all for now. Hope you all had a great Saturday and wishing you a happy Sunday!

x A.F.A.

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  1. this is really cute. everything matches each other well. from the necklace to the dress to the cardigan to the shoes.... im following u. :D

  2. the necklace looks great on you Ava! can I grab it? :) i will post it on my shop's fb and multiply! :)

  3. Hello Ava!!! Loved the effect too on the last photo!!! :)))

  4. super cute ava!all my fave colors in one outfit!:)

  5. hot momma, this is a cute outfit! didn't know denise made really nice accessories too. might check it out!

    chic in the tropics

  6. I actually like the last photo too! It's like you were twirling or something! And I like your outfit. You've probably heard it a lot of times but you're great in mixing and combining different pieces together. I like the necklace also!

  7. Looking great ava! :) Miss you and bond with you soon a! :)


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