Laid black

by - November 26, 2011

I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but I don't wear solid black tops nor do I own a LBD. My grandfather has this superstition that black tops are only meant when someone died. I guess it's because we're Chinese and red is the only happy color around for the old folks. I'm not sure if this belief goes with the other Chinese people I know but that's how I was brought up. But lately, I've been trying to break that superstition and slowly making room for black outfits in my closet. BTW, black bottoms are alright. Just not the tops. I don't think i'll ever go for the plain-solid black, but definitely will go for printed ones. So far, my grandfather took it a bit well today. :)


My usual stacking up of bracelets and the new addition to my affinity for accessories, quirky charm bracelet from Toxic Candy Clay Shop. Too cute!


top: pretty me | shorts: edc | 
shoes: archive clothing | bag: nine west

This is what I wore to the FireFly event that I attended today at MoA and also to family day with my boys. :) Like I said, I'm slowly trying to incorporate black into my ensemble and the chiffon floral top I got from Pretty Me is the perfect start to that! I super love this breezy top for a laid back Saturday that I am actually thinking of wearing it in another way...Maybe to a formal event? Will do some mix and match. ;) Check out Pretty Me for more gorgeous girly clothes! Will write about them in my next SHOPS TO LOVE so watch out!

Oh oh oh, I know this will get more comments than my OTD, but I'm gonna start posting Athan's OTD when I get the chance. Hee. :") Proud momma right here!


polo: nautica | pants: timberland | belt: zara kids | shoes: teva

Doesn't he look all grown up??? He also had his second hair cut at Cuts for Tots today! I love that place. :) He looks soooo handsome!! Will show you guys in my next post!:)

Happy Weekend!

P.S. Here are the winners of the FREE PASSES to BLOGGERS UNITED!

BTW, since food is locked with Treston, I won't be selling baked goodies anymore. :( But will definitely still be selling. Maybe a few accessories, clothes or shoes? Come over to see! See you there!!;) 

x A.F.A.

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  1. Cute Athan! :D

    I really like this outfit! It looks really fresh :)

    I'm in with you with that black superstition thing. Sometimes it just gets into my nerves that they can't get over me wearing black for some times. Haha!

  2. so cute ni athan just like his mom!:D

    I won your BU2 giveaway! yay see you!!

    The Bargain Doll

  3. I'm inlove with your top Ms. Ava! See you on Dec. 3 :)

  4. I am going to resist the urge to comment on what I really really want to comment on and say: bagay sayo ang black. Can't believe you're not a black person. And I don't mean that in a racist way. :p

  5. Love the open back detail of your top! :)

    Athan is super cute and so gwapo! :)


  6. breezy outfit! Athan looks so grown up already! been a follower for a year and seeing him ages feels so heart warming <3

  7. This outfit looks so good on you, Ava! ☺ Pati si Athan, he's so cuuute!!


  8. Cute top! I love the details at the back! :) See you on December 3! :)

  9. Same here! I was never allowed to wear black by my grandparents too... Truly a Chinese culture...
    By the way, I am super loving your look these days! Super blooming <3

    Join my giveaway at

  10. Athan is so cute :> I love your accessories Ava! Stay gorgeous.

  11. My Lola is the same!!! What I do is I wear a jacket over my black top so she won't know I'm wearing black. Lol! Love your top Ava and Athan is just so adorable! :)


  12. Ava, you are in black!! :))
    I like it. You know I have this fascination with anything BLACK. Looking good, dear :))
    Hands down, my favorite look :))

  13. Hello Ava! Love the top and the shoooes! The black shorts look awesooome. :D

  14. I just noticed that you haven't really worn black that much. Haha! You look good either way. Love the details of your floral top.

    I remember when I was younger when my lola would not let us wear black cause we're like mourning. Not that we're Chinese but they were just into colors and it's given meaning.

  15. I like the floral and black. sophisticated. cute shoes too.

    and od course, I love Athan's outfit. definitely do more of those. :)

  16. I love everything! Your outfit is so cute!! x and your skin.. it's so beautiful too!

  17. hi! i love ur safety pin bracelet.. wer did u get it? (if its ok to share => )


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