Laura Mercier: Redefining Beauty

by - November 25, 2011

Got invited to yet another beauty event and I'm beginning to think that being a fashion blogger is not only what I love. I would like to believe I'm a Lifestyle blogger now with the different events I'm attending. I sure do enjoy the variety. :) 

Back to the beauty event. I was invited by Momma Sarah to attend the Laura Mercier event. It was held once again at the East Cafe at Rustans, Makati and once all of us heard that, we were all excited. Food and beauty is just awesome!:)


Laura Mercier is the kind of beauty brand that is known for the speciality of achieving a "flawless face" and for this event, they showed us simple techniques on how to apply makeup on your face without looking overly made up and they showed us their latest makeup collection for Holiday 2012.

While the program was ongoing, we got served some yummy asian cuisine...


My weakness! It was super good! Thank you, East Cafe!

The new endorsers of Laura Mercier haha!:)

This was also another bonding time with the girls. In attendance: Giezelle, Belle, Arnie, Angel, Bec, Tracy, Pax, Ana and Jen!:) Where's Sarah? She was our model for that day!


The Makeup artist was Qua and he is super funny! I love how he's really good with makeup techniques and he knows how to make the event lively. Never a dull moment while he was doing Sarah's makeup, Promise! We all kept laughing. :)) But on a serious note, a few things that I remembered from him is that if you're putting on makeup, don't do it so roughly. Like don't brush so hard. Be gentle because if not it might cause some damage. Also don't put too much face illuminator. You might look too shiny or even oily. Just minimal. Same with your lip gloss, try applying only on the middle part of your lips. He mentioned too that for Chinita girls like me, I can just use eyeliner to help my eyes pop out. :)


We also got to try some of their products, such as foundation and see them up close. I love the Creme Brulee Honey Bath. Reminds me of Bees and their hive. Too cute!

Oh and if you have loved ones that are Makeup addicts or travels a lot, Laura Mercier has something called, "BAG IT AND SWAG IT!"

Just a little something about it: "What better way to show you care for your makeup enthusiast loved ones than with Laura Mercier’s Holiday Brush Set? This must-have brush collection is perfect for a flawless makeup application using four double-ended brushes and one full-size brush. And with its conveniently chic case, you can take it with you everywhere you go to create your look any time, any place." This set (Luxe Color Portfolio) costs about Php 4, 350. The snake skin case is super cute!


The wonderful people behind Laura Mercier!:)

After our little snack over at East Cafe, we went downstairs to view the store Laura Mercier...


We saw a lot more makeup goodies there. Like the wide collection of lipstick shades!

Honestly, I'm not really into putting makeup on my face because I find it to be a tedious job and not to mention, I am absolutely clueless on how to apply it to my face. Shameful, I know. But lately that I've been attending beauty events and hearing some tips from the people of Laura Mercier on doing simple makeup application, I kinda think I'm going to enjoy experimenting with makeup!:)


We also got to take home some Laura Mercier products and even more! Got so excited when we had a surprise tour at their perfume area! Will make a separate blog entry about the perfumes. ;)

For now, thank you so much Momma Sarah and Laura Mercier for inviting me! I had a fun time bonding with friends over beauty and food!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Wow! Those are lovely stuff there! I love make up:) Must be really fun,girlie!

    Doing my daily rounds:)

    Momma Y<3

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, nothing beats freebies especially if it's from Laura Mercier! :)


  3. oh my. parang heaven yan! good food and great make up :) you'll be a wonderful lifestyle blogger ava. readers like me are naturally attracted to your blog <3

    The Bargain Doll

  4. Same here, "be gentle with your skin" is what I remember most during Qua's demo! He's just so natural and so beki!! Love this event! Enjoyed with you guys!! ♥



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