Baguio adventure: Outfit two!

by - February 28, 2012

I haven't been in Baguio for years. I think the last one was when I was still 4 years old, but based on what I hear, it's quite chilly there, so the clothes that I brought with me were cold-proof, such as my cardigan, scarf, beanie and pants. I wasn't so sure if I should have brought shorts, but fortunately, I went with my jeans, because every single day we were there was freezing! Hence, my laid back and layered outfitey!

cardigan: giordano | pants: crissa | shoes: schu | bag: suy bags

Aside from having my trusty Schu flats with me, I also sticked with my only handbag during our Baguio trip. I love how handy my bag from Suy Bag is. I had everything I needed in it, like my camera, wallet, planner, lip balm, phone and I can even strap my scarf or cardigan on it when it wasn't that cold. Neat, right? Cute colors too!

Anyhoo, I have a lot more to post about our Baguio trip, so hopefully you're not tired of it yet. =P

x A.F.A.

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  1. Oh I so miss Baguio. Especially now that Cebu is unbearably humid.

    BTW, love, love your bag :)

  2. last time i went to baguio it was december 2010 and i was wearing shorts. it was cold nung umpisa but then when we went na sa mine's view park... omg... init na. hehe. i wanna go to sagadaaaa! :P

    i loooove your bag here ava! <3

  3. lalalove your bag ms. ava :) too bad i wasnt able to see you when you and the other bloggers went to baguio :D hoping i will next time :)) hope you had fun here in the city of pines :DD

  4. Sobrang relaxing getaway! Manila's weather has been sooo summer-y lately. Totally love the layering and outfitey, babe!! :) Gorgeous!



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