Azta Urban Salon: Ombre

by - February 29, 2012

Will be taking a break from my Baguio Adventure posts and share with you my Azta Urban Salon experience. :)

So, some of you already know that I had an ombre done and I feel really happy to have drastic change with my hair. I've always had jet black hair and I wanted to try a lighter shade. Fortunately, Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon contacted us again to try their new service; Ombre!:)

I went to their Robinsons Pioneer branch, because it was the closest to my place and very convenient for commuters who take the MRT.


The "Before" look. I just took off my beanie here, so my hair is messy. =P

They handed me this hair color chart to see how mine might turn out...


I love how Azta Urban Salon always makes sure my stay at their salon is a happy one. They handed me a few Preview Magazines (my favorite!) and a cold milk tea drink. :)

Time for my hair makeover!


Since I wanted a lighter color, they had to lighten my base first and after washing the goo off, here's the turn out...


I was already digging the look even if I didn't have the ombre yet. First reaction was, "YEY! It's finally brown!!" ^_^

And now the Ombre application..


The fez needs a comic reaction: "Hmm... I'm so curious how this is gonna turn out.." I actually had a Tangled movie moment with this. You know the scene where Rapunzel got out of her tower and had a moment where she was so happy she got out but felt guilt after. Well, I was sorta like that.." I love my hair!" "Oh no... it's so light!!:(" "Yey ombre!" haha! Fickle much?

But it all turned out for the best, because, finally... *drumroll!*


My ombre!!:) Thank you so much to Sir Mon and Ms. Wendy for taking care of me and for listening to what I wanted. :)

In case some of you want to try the "ombre" look, here's Azta's price list...

Thank you also to Azta Urban Salon, Robinsons Pioneer and Ms. Meg Lachica for my first ever ombre experience. It was truly a great one! I love my new hair!^_^

For more information about Azta Urban Salon, visit them at their FB page: :)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Woah! Love it!! ! You look gorgeous! xx

  2. You look great! I love your new hair!!! :D


  3. that's so cool! i think the ombre style looks great on you! :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. i love it!:) I wanna try it too but still I need more confidence to ro rock that ombre look. haha :)



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