The Face Shop: Pastel Romance

by - February 10, 2012

I've known The Face Shop for a long time already. During my trips to Taiwan, I'd often visit the store to buy nail polish. That's why I got ecstatic when they finally put up branches here in the Philippines. I only buy nail products from them, so when Ms. Rikka invited us over for their makeover, I went to the launch of  their latest makeup product called, Pastel Romance at Shangri-la Mall. :)


The blog friends and I got there a bit early, because we still had to wait for a few bloggers, so while waiting, we took some photos of what The Face Shop has in store right now. Oh and some of the pictures here were taken by their photographer. My first event that we didn't need to keep on taking too much pictures and could actually focus on the event, because they asked the photographer to burn us a CD with the photos of the event. How awesome, right??:)


Don't you just love the various colors, The Face Shop has when it comes to nail polish?:) They have nail pens, scented polish remover and crack polish too!


My two favorite girls: Ana and Melai. :) They look so dainty and girly, right? Perfect for the theme!

When we were finally complete, we had a Korean Makeup tutorial courtesy of Ms. Rikka, Ms. Marge Apacible and the model for that day, Ms. Janelle Santos. :)


They taught us a lot of things when it comes to applying makeup. From how particular the Koreans are in doing their brows, how to put false eye lashes, what to do if your BB cream doesn't suit your skin tone and more. It was really informative. Especially for a girl like me who doesn't know how to put makeup on. =P


Ms. Marge mentioned that when applying eye shadow, don't apply heavily on the front part of your eyelids, because when you get to the end, it will end up looking lighter and your eyes might have a droopy look. Also, with fake lashes, make sure it fits your eyelids perfectly. Cut it if it's too long and always put mascara!

We were so amazed during Ms. Rikka and Ms. Marge's talk that I have to show you our eager-to-learn faces and believe me, we were so fixated on how to do the Korean-look...
Eager look #1
Eager look #2
Eager look #3


Janelle looking so pastel gorgeous! Next up was the Korean hairstyle!

All the curious bloggers. :) Aside from their Pastel Romance, they also new BB creams present at their store. Here are a few of them...
Face It Aqua Tinted BB Cream Php 995 | Face It BB Whitening Dual BB Cream Php 1195 | Face It Blending BB Color Light Php 495 | Face It Blending BB Essence Php 495 | Face It Magic Cover BB Cream Php 1195 | Face It Power Perfection BB Cream Php 1495
The exciting part of this all was, we also got to try the Pastel Romance collection! One of the reason why I love beauty events!:) Not only do we see the latest, but we also try them!


All the bloggers in a line to get dolled-up!


Some of the makeup artists of The Face Shop. Just a little fact, all their makeup artists are trained in Korea. :)

My lovely seatmate during the makeup demo was Melai!:) Thank you, Beb Ana for my photo on the right! Didn't get the chance to take photos during the demo anymore. :(


And the result...

Don't we look ready for prom??:)) I know we're too old for that, but our pastel looks just shows how ready we are. Love it!

Thank you so much to The Face Shop and Ms. Rikka for inviting us! Had a wonderful day learning new things about makeup and hanging out with the blog friends!:)

Visit The Face Shop at:
TRINOMA: 1159 Level M1 Trinoma Mall Edsa cor. North Avenue Quezon City

SM MEGAMALL: Level 2 Unit 215C Bldg. B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City 
SM MALL OF ASIA: 293 EM SM Mall of Asia Pasay City
SHANGRI-LA PLAZA: Unit 521-522 Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza
ROCKWELL: Stall No. 2127A R2 Level Power Plant Mall Makati

P.S. I still have a few backlogs, so bear with me if some of the entries are quite old already. =P

x A.F.A.

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  1. You girls are so pretty, love the make up :)


  2. how were the make up on your first try? when the face shop first landed in Alabang, id always visit for nail polish cause my friends got break outs from their make up things :) Id love to try some of their blushers but Im scared I might break out also :)

  3. @Jessica hi jessica!:) No, break outs for me so far. :) I have sensitive skin, but the makeup seems to be okay :D


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