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by - February 11, 2012

Who's incredibly addicted to satchel bags? ME, Oh, ME!!:)


I went to visit Studio Boheme the other day and this is actually my first time, so when I got in the store, I had this cozy feeling that I don't normally feel when I'm visiting stores at the mall. I guess you can call it a "homey" vibe because of its personal touches. I bet you'd probably wanna hangout here the whole day. :)

The brainchild and owner of Studio Boheme is, Marquita Santos and her boyfriend, Richie See. They have been in the business for quite awhile now and their store caters to people who want their bags and shoes including accessories customized and personalized with love. But in case you're not the waiting type, they also offer ready-made items in their shop such as satchels, shoes, belts and vintage clothing, so no worries!

Marqui at her working station :)

They have Genuine Leather and Leatherette
I felt like a little kid exploring, Marqui's store a.k.a. office, because I got to see the different materials she uses for her bags, shoes and the other things she has not uploaded online yet. I can just easily say, "Dibs on this and that!" haha! :))

What brands does Studio Boheme carry?


Pastel, Neons, Neutrals, Oh my!:)

The Original Glenmore Shoes since the 1950s which offers quality made boots, dress shoes, casual shoes and other leather products such as bells, bags, wallets, vest, jackets, racing suits etc. and also accepts repairs for your most loved leather wear. As what they used to call it, "ITS THE SHOES OF THE STARS" 

Original HoneyBadger Bags-style
Metallic HoneyBadger Bags
Honeybadger Bags and Shoes is an up and coming brand that offers customized bags, mainly satchels and batchels, including innovations for fashionable camera bags and other gadget bags. You can choose your own colors and sizes. 

MQ Vintage
MQ Vintage Finds sells ready to ship vintage clothes, thrifted accessories, and other quirky items that you may not find elsewhere.

While I was at the shop, Marqui and I got to chat a bit about her brand, Studio Boheme and I mentioned to her that I see a lot of online stores selling satchel but I love Studio Boheme's HoneyBadger the most, because not only is it affordable and sturdy. You can also customize it in any way you like. Even make it rainbow colored with crazy prints, they won't mind. If it gets broken, they accept made-to-order repairs. By that you already get your moneys worth. :)

What makes Studio Boheme different from other brands that customize satchel is the creative way they do it. They really make the client involved in the customizing process, they give you a lot of choices and they take time and give love in doing this. Reason why I think they have an edge against competing brands. Did I mention they'll be doing re-selling and hopefully expand in manufacturing? 
The mood board of customized bags. SPOT MINE!:)
I couldn't stop taking pictures of the satchels when I was there. Everything was just so pretty! So, I wanna share with you some that caught my fancy...

Batchel that makes you go, "RAWR!"
Dainty, maybe?:)
Two-tone lovin'
Pastel at first sight! Marqui customized this!:) Cute, right??
I know, I know they're too awesome! There's more where all these came from. =P Visit STUDIO BOHEME to see and in case you already have a satchel in mind, here's the price list...


You can click to zoom!:)

Another great thing about STUDIO BOHEME ( I can never seem to run out of good things to say ) is that they post actual pictures of the sizes and type of bags that they have, so you won't get disappointed when the bag is delivered to you...
As modeled by Marqui: The sizes
The types from Satchel to backpack!

  • It usually takes 5-7 working days for pre-ordered HoneyBadger bags
  • It usually takes 7-15 days for made to order HoneyBadger bags
  • It usually takes 15- 25 days for New Design made to order bags

If you're still curious about HoneyBadger Bags, you can simply check out their F.A.Q. page to know more. :)


A must-have photo with Marqui!:) She's also a blogger, so do check out her site!

Aside from checking out the store, I picked up my 13 in' multi-colored satchel too!!:) From this...
I had fun putting the colors on paint but it was a mess! Luckily Marqui is skilled with graphics and was nice enough to clean it up for me. :)
To this...

My multi-colored and old fluorescent yellow/green satchel!:) Thank you, Marqui/Studio Boheme for this!

Just so you know, I am writing this entry without any bias. I got the fluo satchel months back and some of you see how much I use it. That's how I firmly believe and love the brand. :)

Hope you liked today's segment of SHOPS TO LOVE because Studio Boheme and A.F.A. is cooking up something special for you all!:)

If you have other concerns or inquiries, you may contact Marqui via email:

Store Address: Studio Boheme, 225-J Katipunan Ave. 
Quezon City 1105

x A.F.A.

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  1. Nice yung polka and floral! :) So cute!

  2. Wow miss Ava.. the store is heaven.. I actually have to make my ex suitor (excuse me for the term) promise to buy me the pink one!! =)))

  3. OMG this is really making me want to have a backback customized!!! :) Been wanting to have a backpack like that since I was frosh in college. Too cute! Wish I could drop by their store so I can drool too hihi. QC kasi eh, so have to make time talaga.

    ♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  4. My oh my! all of their bags looks so awesome! love the designs and colors


  5. love the neon satchel!!

  6. Shizzz! Satchel haven! Love your customized bags, Ava. It's so "you"!! ♥


  7. Gorgeous little studio there! Loved looking at these!! :) Lovely blog!

  8. Woow, those satchels look amazing.
    I love the lime green one, it would be perfect for summer.

    I'm a new follower here, so can you check my blog and if you like it, you could follow it. I'd really appreciate it. ^^



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