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by - March 21, 2012

It has been months since I last had my pampering at the salon. My eyebrows need threading, my hands and feet really need mani-pedi and even my hair needs treatment due to my ombre. I'm sure my body wants to scream at me already for neglecting its needs!=P

Luckily, last week, I received an email from Ms. Kira of Elegantly Wasted, to a day of beauty over at Benefits Salon in Eastwood. :) We were given the chance to pick any services we wanted that was worth Php 2,000. Imagine how much you could do with that, right?:)


Envy the Eastwood employees for their 20% discount!
Just by looking at their Ad outside, I already knew that Benefits Salon had pretty good and affordable offers. They even have WiFi, coffee and pastries!^_^ You'll definitely get some pampering here!

When I got inside, the first thing I noticed was their absolutely cute interior and in my favorite colors too! 


Pink, green and purple! OH MY!:)
I love their mirror deco and their square shaped lights. How quaint!:) 

For the services, These were the things we could avail...
Like I mentioned above, I needed a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading and hair treatment, so I went just for that! For my hair? Hair spa!:)

While waiting for my turn, I spotted a few of the blog friends already enjoying their salon treatments...
Krissy having her hair done while also having mani-pedi!:)
Helga transforming her hair into another shade of pink!:) 
Keigh having her hair spa with matching massage ;)
Tracy getting her roots colored. :)
Tracy and Keigh were my seatmates for that day and we all just kept talking and talking. Such girls we are!:) Just exactly what you do in a salon with your girlfriends. ;)

Now my turn!


They each served us yummy cupcakes from Sonja and green tea. Reminds me of England's afternoon tea. So posh!


For my mani-pedi (won't show my feet na! dyahe! haha!) I picked pastel purple for my polish. They have Orly!!^_^ Love, love, love! 

And.... tadah! My much awaited hair treatment! I love it so much. It actually made my hair so soft and it smells so good that my friends kept praising it!:) Even after shampooing at home, it still feels soft and smells good! So, if you have extremely colored hair, get hair spa done at Benefits Salon!:)

Oh and for Helga's transformation? She was pretty much the highlight of our day, because she had the most interesting and wild service done!


Look how cool her hair is!! Hot pink! I am SO jealous, but sadly not brave enough to sport pink hair. :(

Pax also came by but was still having her service done, when we were all through, so sadly... no picture with my cam. :( Tag me with our picture together, girl! haha!:))


And that pretty much sums up my great experience with Benefits Salon. They had friendly staff, great service and a nice owner. What more could you ask for?:)

Thank you again to, Ms. Kira and Ms. Rose Ann for inviting me! It was truly worth it and a wonderful experience!:)

Visit the Benefits Salon at EASTWOOD CITYWALK 2ND, QUEZON CITY
You can also visit their FB Page for more info:

x A.F.A.

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  1. You're welcome Ava! Looks like you girls had lots of fun :) Hope to see you guys again soon :)

  2. hello ava, i need hair treatment too for my ombre! haha, im thinking of getting it at benefits too. what kind of treatment did they apply on your hair?

  3. wow. royal treatment. with matching tea and cupcake pa. :)

  4. I also love mani-pedi bonding sessions with my girlfriends. :)

    Your hair looks great!


  5. Awww happy girls!! ♥ Definitely the kind of bonding that girls needed! :) You all look great!


  6. i love your outfit here.. :) I forgot that I also need to do that to myself .. haha.. :)

  7. wow i really love your hair!

    keep blogging! :P



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