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by - March 19, 2012


Attended the launch of beauty brand, Mary Kay's new line, Botanical Effects last week at Kai Restaurant located at Greenbelt 5. This was quite an early event for me. It started at 11AM, but I actually liked it, because for sure I can have a productive day ahead by waking up early. :)


The event started with a tea talk with Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen. She taught us how to make tea, the plants you can use to make tea and also what tea can do for our body. It was really nice to smell the different plants she had laid out for us, because they had a relaxing effect. One even smelled like chocolate mint!:) 

After our tea talk, we all headed inside Kai restaurant to continue with the other talks.

Behind the success of Philippines' Biggest Loser and Sexy Solutions by Belo is celebrity fitness-nutritionist, Ms. Nadine Tengco and it was nice that we were graced by her presence. She discussed to us what stress can do to our body and how it also affects our eating habits. Like ever wonder how some people who go to the gym constantly but never get thin? We eat a lot when we're stress or how we age so fast due to stress? It was a big eye opener for me, because I tend to sleep really late and I can feel the stress dawning on me sometimes. She also shared different kinds of food/food colors that we should eat to help detoxify.

Here are some of them... 


Pink red, yellow, purple, brown and white. :)

Following Ms. Nadine Tengco's talk was the welcoming remarks of Mary Kay's General Manager, Mr. Tente Alday...


He mentioned that their brand is "Answering the call of going back to nature, simplicity, and freshness amongst all the complicated lifestyles filled with too many product offerings, Mary Kay has come up with an innovative, simple yet customized skin care line that allows every value-conscious and every young consumer to experience the goodness of botanicals perfectly fit to his/her skin's needs." True enough that our lifestyle nowadays is too stressful and we just need something that will help our skin manage all this. Luckily, there's Mary Kay. ;)

Mary Kay's Brand Manager, Ms. Fatima Lopez shared with us a little game of how much stress we are on. Sadly, my skin is rather unhappy. :( Sad. Must improve! After the game, she gave a talk about their new product; Botanical Effects...


She addressed that, "All Mary Kay Botanical Effects skin care formulas contain an exclusive botanical complex with two effective botanical ingredients: Silymarin, a powerful antioxidant used for over 2,000 years that helps defend against environmental damage, while calming and smoothing skin, and Luo Han Guo, and ingredient infused with antioxidants, believed to help promote healthy skin. Because each skin type has its specific characteristics and concerns, the Botanical Effects line goes the extra distance to add another two potential botanical ingredients for each of the three skin types." Simply put, the Botanical Effects line is nature-inspired and helps our skin smile!:)

Presenting the new line of Mary Kay: Botanical Effects...


Mask: Gently exfoliates as it improves skin texture while replenishing hydration
3-in-1 Cleanse: Helps restore skin's natural balance to leave it feeling smooth, hydrated and nourished
Hydrate: Moisture-rich formula helps maintain skin's moisture level, leaving it feeling comforted



Mask: Deep cleans as it gently exfoliates to restore skin's radiance
3-in-1 Cleanse: Nondrying formula gently removes makeup and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean and soft
Hydrates: Leaves skin feeling hydrated, nourished and refreshed without feeling oily or greasy

I actually got this one. I tried using it when I got home after the event and so far, no rash or irritation! So far, I'm liking it. ;)



Mask: Helps cleanse pores and refine their appearance, leaving skin looking clarified and fresher
3-in-1 Cleanse: Corrective cleanser that purifies skin and helps cleanse pores
Hydrate: Provides balanced hydration while controlling excess oil, leaving skin with a beautiful matte finish

The Botanicals Effects Skin Care 3-in-1 Cleanse retails at Php 950, while the Botanical Effects Skin Care Hydrate and Botanical Effects Skin Care Mask retail at Php 850 and Php 950.

To cap off the event, we had a yummy Japanese buffet lunch from Kai. It was so good that the girls and I came back for seconds. Hee hee. =P


For this event, I got to bond with my close friend, Keigh Jalbuena and Carizza Chua. :) Won't have been this fun without you, girls!

Thank you so much to the wonderful people of Mary Kay!


They were all so nice and friendly to us. They made sure that we were happy and enjoying ourselves. Thank you!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. My Mom's a fan of Mary Kay products (especially their concealer and liquid foundation) so I'm totally showing this blog post to her for the brand's new line! :) Great event, and you're all looking good, babe!



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