Channeling Alexa Chung

by - July 07, 2012

My mom recently shipped a box with a few magazines in them for me and among those, I got a back issue of Teen Vogue- November 2011 with Alexa Chung on the cover and I just love that lady's style. She can be laid back or androgynous and still look stunning. So, for my outfit for today, I tried channeling her look...


sweater: landmark | collar shirt: edc | skirt: mango | shoes: primadonna

What I noticed with Alexa Chung's style is that she wears accessories, but on the minimal side, so that's what I tried to do as well.... except for the bracelets. ;)


Finally got to style my candy-colored fabric necklaces from Crave More!^_^ Aren't they the cutest?? Awesome how I got to wear them together too!

I wore this to the Kashieca x JC Buendia event I attended awhile ago and of course my day with the boys. ^_^ will blog about that next!

Oh if you don't know Alexa Chung that much, here's her signature style...

Hope I gave her look justice and hope you all had a great Saturday!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Ooh!! You were really able to achieve that Alexa Chung look, Ava! ♥ So pretty!! :)

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. avaaa this look suits you :)) ahlavet!


  3. Achiee ang look ni alexa chung :) Lovely ava !

    - Hope you visit my Blog too: :)

    THANKS xx

  4. justice it is! you carried it well!


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