Instagram Diary # 2 Confessions of an Instagram addict!

by - July 05, 2012

Posting another batch of my current Instagram photos!:) I've been on Instagram for a month now and I have 49 photos so far, I think? Is that considered an addiction already or not yet?=P 

Anyhoo, my good friend, Honey posted this photo on Instagram the other day and it can prove if you're addicted to instagram or not...


Cute, right?:) I love how silly Woody looks here while trying to Instagram. =P

Now here are my photos!

Did I mention, we have two cute turtles named, John and George?:) Gersh named them after his favorite Beatles! They're quite tiny. They're only 3 cm!

My version of "Hot Guys Who Cook" haha!:))

I find it sweet when Gersh tries to cook for me once in awhile. :")

After Athan's class today, I took him to work with me and since he was a good boy, I decided to give him a little treat!


I love bonding with this little boy. We have dates every now and then. Just the two of us! One of my simple joys.  :)

While waiting for my number to be called at Globe the other day ( I was paying my bill =P ), I spotted a few phone casings that were cute and could go well with my HTC Cha Cha. My phone now isn't as easy as BB when it comes to casings, so I try my best to get alternatives so I don't get scratches on it. I actually spotted a branded one, but costed Php 995. -_- Ouch! I ended up not getting it. Didn't feel like it was worth it...


FORTUNATELY, I didn't let impulse win, because when I went to EGG after, I saw this cute soft case and for only Php 150! Steal!^_^ Lesson, always think twice and thrice before buying!

Buko shake has been such a hype lately. Parang milk tea lang! There's even a little stall in Taft and MoA now!

I haven't tried the one in Taft, so before leaving MoA, I got myself a large one!O_o My happiness in a bottle. :)

Usually I like perfumes that are powdery or subtle in scent. I'm not into fruity or strong ones. My everyday perfume is, Elizabeth Arden- Green Tea, but I have a big bottle that is hard to tote around in my bag. Consumes too much space.


But lucky me for sweet sponsors, like Scents and Stuff Online for sending me a handy bottle that I can bring with me wherever I go. Yey! Thank you! :)

Despite not being able to do a lot of outfit posts, my affinity for bracelets still hasn't faded...

Got this set of pastel mantra bracelets and I love them to bits!^_^ Luck, Peace, Hope, Faith and Dream!

Last but definitely not the least, candy-colored accessories from CRAVE MORE...

The colors are too cute! Can't wait to style these! Thank you to, Christine Liwag for these!:)

Well, that's all!:) Hope you can follow me on Instagram!:) My username is: artsyava ;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Think it should be "Fat Guys Who Cook"! haha Awesome post, Moms!

  2. Ang cute ni woody :> and Athan will be a hearthrob someday :)) wafu!


  3. I enjoyed reading this post, Ava!! :) Love your Instagram photos. It makes me think of getting an android phone na tuloy coz bb doesn't have Instagram :( Haha! Hope to see you again soon!! ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. Haha. Love the Woody photo! :p I only have Instagram on my iPad, so only get to use it rarely; otherwise, I'm sure I'd be an addict, too. Love your photos and how they keep us all updated on your life! :)

    And Gersh... John and George? Really? PAUL FTW!!!

  5. HI IDOL!!!

    i miss you! i miss you so much! just had my first heartbreak so I went offline for months already but I'm back and the first thing I did is to browse your blog!! It just made me smile! I miss you! :)

  6. Wait what? You're not on Blackberry anymore? Completely? :( Haha I'm so alone! I should save up for an Android or an iPhone now too and get on the Instagram addiction. Hahaha.

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery


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