Instagram Diary # 15

by - March 04, 2013

top: una rosa | pants: regatta | shoes: shoe etiquette | bracelets: j9 designs | bag: sm accessories
I originally wanted to tuck-in my shirt and wear a belt, but the belt ended up not looking so good and I didn't have any other belt with me cos we spent the weekend at the Hubby's place. So, this is what I ended up wearing to school. It kinda reminds me  of hotel people serving or a bell boy in movies. Which is why my title is "At your service!" haha!:))

This is 4 days delayed, but it's March already!! Gosh! Where did the time go? February just breezed by and summer is getting closer!:) For the first weekend of March, I can say I enjoyed it by eating a lot. =P haha!:)) But kidding aside, this month has been good so far. We just recently encountered a Taxi driver who returned our bag with a laptop inside. I am hoping for more honest drivers like him. Thank God for that. :) Hoping for a great month ahead for all of us!

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  1. kudos to manong driver he needs to be clone for office..haha :D


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