Solid hues // Instagram Diary # 16

by - March 24, 2013

 photo IMG_9358.jpg
 photo IMG_9360.jpg
 photo IMG_9361.jpg
 photo IMG_9357.jpg

denim top: mom's closet
inner top, pants & watch: mango
shoes: sm parisian
necklace: sm accessories
crochet bracelets: lovenikita
hope bracelet: bellavanite
sunnies: mom's vintage rayban clubmaster

I enjoy doing family related activities a lot. Hence my weekends are more often dedicated to my family.  Like today, my family and I spent the weekend at the husband's place by having lunch there, we heard mass also, because it's Palm Sunday and watched a few movies on TV. Just your typical day with the family. But I love those. :)

Since it was a chill day at home, I wore this outfit. No prints at all, as you can see. But I made up for that by using solid colours and used my tear drops necklace to give it more life. :)

And because I haven't done this in awhile, here's my weekend on Instagram...

FRIDAY: First time to go here :) // At the Spongecola shoot: what is basang basa??:)) sooo much fun! Watchout for their new video! // SATURDAY:  Craving for Salmon and Shrimp Risotto from Pepper Lunch at this hour. #instafood #nomnomnom // :) #ootd#instafashion #style #outfit #Saturday // It may be tiring to be a mother of two active little boys. But I'm very blessed to be their mom. :)#grateful #instalove // First time at this place and it's soooo pretty and welcoming!:) makes you want to say, "let them eat cake!" Haha :)) // Too cute to eat. #instafood // SUNDAY: Just finished hearing mass. Palm sunday. // Best part ever!.

Hope you had a great weekend, guys!

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  1. No one can pull off color like you can, twin!! :) BTW are your flats from a the latest release of Parisian? I wanna check if they still have it :)

    x Megann / STYLE SURGERY.

  2. where's your bag from? so pretty :)

  3. I love the colors in this outfit, Ms. Ava! You look so fresh pa, it's like you didn't give birth to two boys. :)

  4. i love your accessories especially your necklace! :)

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire


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