Scarf in summer

by - March 23, 2013

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I don't know if it's quite weird to wear a scarf during the summer season. But I just can't help but use one today, because I felt my outfit lacked something and adding the scarf did the trick for me. Plus, I think it's safe to say that my scarf's colours and prints scream summer. :) And I think if the scarf's material isn't thick and it must be breathable, you can definitely incorporate it to your outfit. :)

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Another thing I love about scarfs (aside from completing your ensemble), you can actually style it in different ways. You can leave it hanging long on your neck or make it short by layering it and many more!

 photo IMG_9306.jpg

top: mango
pants: giordano ph
necklace and scarf: sm accessories
sandals: comfit
crochet keychains: monkey-accessorize ph | tassel- lovenikita
bag: marc by marc jacobs

Don't be afraid to experiment and play with your clothes. We may be in a tropical country, but I'm sure we can come up with more looks, other than summer, right??:) Always have fun with fashion!

Had another great Saturday! BTW, It will be my birthday next month and since my birthday will fall on a Sunday, i'll be having a "#AFASUNDAYBIRTHDAYGIVEAWAY!" :) Meaning, I'll post a new giveaway every Sunday, so do watch out for that!:)

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!


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  1. it aint weird at all! it looks ma presko po ;) like it!

  2. Looking so pretty and fresh, love!! :) I agree with what you said - "Always have fun with fashion!" ♥


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