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by - April 25, 2013

When it comes to our weight, I think we're more often than not affected by it. Whether you're on the heavy side or super skinny, I believe it bothers us one way or the other. Personally, being skinny isn't something I'm proud of. When some people say they "envy" the sight of stick-thin me, I always tell them that I actually want to gain weight and truly, I do. After giving birth to my second son, Asher, I had the perfect weight for me. I was around 107 lbs and I moved to medium from small. I was so happy/over the moon! Unfortunately, after 4 months, here I am back to my old skinny self and I never really considered gym, because I thought it was only gonna make me skinnier. :( But fortunately, I discovered yesterday how I can gain weight and remain healthy!

 photo IMG_9635.jpg
 photo IMG_9631.jpg
How the store looks like inside :)

Yesterday, I went to the launch of the newest fitness lifestyle store by The Quorum Group of Companies, responsible for the country's premier sports retail stores like Toby's Sports, RUNNER and urbanAthletics at the heart of Bonifacio Global City called, MOVE. Deemed by the many locals as the burgeoning Mecca of fitness, with running trails and parks aplenty, MOVE guarantees its customers a new shopping experience that will help people become fitter, healthier, and happier with its multifaceted approach to fitness.

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The event was hosted by the funny TV and event host, Judah Paolo. :)

 photo IMG_9661.jpg
With Beb Ana and Sarah :)
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And because the launch was all about being fit and healthy, we also had the Sexy Chef for our catering and food. :) Yum!

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 photo IMG_9640.jpg

Athan enjoying the many equipments that MOVE has to offer. :) The store doesn't only sell these equipment, but they will also assist you on how to use them. You can try them out for yourself, in fact!

 photo IMG_9643.jpg
Mr. Toby Claudio
 photo IMG_9637.jpg
 photo IMG_9680.jpg
My Body mass analysis

MOVE aims to change the way people approach health and fitness. Inspired by the quote from Aristotle, "Life is movement", Quorum President Toby Claudio found himself with a burning desire to change lives by simply getting people to move to stay fit. To do that, MOVE fitness lifestyle store offers its customers a goal-based approach called the "MOVE BODY PROJECT" to their store experience.

When I got in the store, the first thing I did was take the free full-body composition analysis using a state-of-the art machine previously available only in hospitals. Then MOVE's fitness consultants assisted me in identifying my state of health and helped me mark the starting point of my journey to a better fitness. Following the analysis, MOVE then aids in choosing the appropriate equipment from their wide selection of fitness gear to achieve one of four goals- Burn, Build, Active or Perform. To show how serious it is in helping its customers get fit, MOVE provides motivation by encouraging customers to come back after 90 days to get tested again and rewarding them with prizes if they achieve their goal.

In my analysis, I kinda lack muscles, so I have to work on that in order to gain more weight. So, i'll be doing some light weight lifting from now on to achieve my desired and normal weight, because as of now I'm underweight.

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At the launch, we were also given a little demonstration on how to use the stuff they offered properly at the store. It was helpful since if you're just starting to work-out, you'd know the basics. :)

 photo IMG_9659.jpg
Aside from that, they also had giveaways, which our table pretty much kept winning. :)) Judah Paolo was already teasing that we can't win anymore! Sarah won a lot too, so Judah Paolo asked her to assist him in picking other winners. :)

 photo movefitness2.jpg
 photo IMG_9668.jpg
 photo IMG_9663.jpg
 photo IMG_9638.jpg

Currently, MOVE carries equipment, accessories and apparel from some of the world's leading fitness brands such as Startrac, Sole, Danskin, Proteus, JK, Go Fit, Biggest Loser, TRX, Polar, Theraband, CW-X Compression Wear, and so much more! You'd have to visit the store to see!

 photo IMG_9662.jpg

Thank you, MOVE for having me!

To get updates and to know more visit the following:

MOVE Fitness Lifestyle Store at Two Parkade
30th Street of Fort Bonifacio Global City


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