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A new Spanish fashion firm will open its first store in Manila and present its fresh, urban and chic collections. :) Ladies and gents, I present to you, SUITEBLANCO!

For the Spring Bloom collection, fun, bright pastels and sleek, tailored pieces dominate the scene. Light and laidback, cool and collected, just like famed Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, who fronts SUITEBLANCO’s new campaign. The Russian beauty lends a youthful, energetic vibe to denim, knits, and lightweight casuals. 

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SUITEBLANCO, one of the most prominent fashion companies in Spain with an ever-growing presence on the international market, will open its first store in Manila this May. The brand continues its firm commitment to the international market and has chosen the capital Manila to start its entry in the country.

In collaboration with SM RETAIL group, highly specialized in the retail sector, SUITEBLANCO will be included amongst the ladies' and men's fashion options within the SM Aura Premier Shopping Mall

SUITEBLANCO has been consolidated as one of the leading chain stores in the high street sector and with the greatest international impact. Always aimed at young women with cosmopolitan and chic spirit, the brand characterizes by offering, season after season clothing, complements and accessories that closely follows trends and combines design with highly competitive prices.

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At SUITEBLANCO, they take pride in the "freedom to dream what fashion offers". So you can expect affordable and on-trend items that easily drive customers to obtain the. This is the philosophy that inspires SUITEBLANCO to turn every customer's fashion whim into reality.

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SUITEBLANCO is a family business founded by Bernardo Blanco Solana which originated in Spain in 1960. Currently with over 270 stores in 23 countries, the brand continues to rapidly expand in the Middle East and several regions in Asia.
SUITEBLANCO speaks to the individuals who are undaunted by the latest trends and are bold in making decisions. It is for the individuals who are confident with their style and the choices that they make. With on-trend, aspirational, and affordable products, SUITEBLANCO gives the optimal shopping experience to consumers.

A lot of foreign brands have been arriving here in the Philippines and I know a lot of fashion savvy people are hyped up about this. Just seeing these pretty clothes, I am really ecstatic about the arrival of SUITEBLANCO!:) How can you not ogle at those, right?? I am just excited! 

Watch out for SUITEBLANCO is coming your way this MAY!;)


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