This is as sporty as it gets

by - April 24, 2013

 photo IMG_9669.jpg
 photo IMG_9672.jpg
 photo IMG_9675-1.jpg
 photo IMG_9670.jpg

outer top: f21
inner top: mango
pants: edc
bracelets: gold lock army
sneakers: keds

Attended an event today that required us to wear a sporty attire as the dress code. But of course, I appeared in my own version of "sporty" since it was a store launch. :) Basically, I was going for the girl-jogging kinda look. But I think this can also pass as a yoga outfit minus the sneakers. =P 

Today was a productive and good day for me. After work, I went to high street for an event, then bonded with the friends over Jamba Juice and returned pull-outs at night. :) I'm happy! Hope you're all having or had a great Wednesday!


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  1. im always amazed ava on how young loooking you are! parang di nag-aage, and parang di mommy!!! :D super fresh! and you look like a little kid here!! cute!! :D

  2. Adore your sneakers so much, Ava! :D

  3. Still so pretty even with a sporty look!! :) Miss you guys!


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