Location, Location Location!

by - April 27, 2013

You gotta admit when taking outfit shots, we all want a place that would bring out the best in what we're wearing. But of course it's not every time that we find great spots. If only we could teleport in the perfect location in a snap, even just for a few minutes. :)

 photo IMG_9681.jpg
 photo IMG_9682.jpg

And speaking of location, I took my OTD in two different locations today, because I really liked the colours of my outfit, but can't seem to find the place that will amplify it. So, sorry if my background in these pictures will be different from top to bottom. =P 

 photo IMG_9707.jpg
 photo IMG_9709.jpg

The weather was quite weird today, right? First it was scorching hot, then all of a sudden it got all dark and rained so hard. No wonder people get sick easily nowadays. :( It's summer yet the weather is bipolar. This just means we have to do something about our pollution fast and take care of our environment more. Aside from that, bring an umbrella! Whether it's too hot or it rains, it helps!:)

 photo IMG_9705.jpg
 photo IMG_9708.jpg
 photo IMG_9710.jpg

polo: giordano philippines
blazer: forever 21
pants: bench
necklace: paradiser accessories
sunnies: boom's closet
tie-dyed bracelet: gold lock army
bubble bracelets: bubbles 
gold flats: indie-go boutique

This is what I wore to the Marks & Spencer Summer Fashion Show that I attended to tonight. I love their collection and would share with you guys a glimpse of it soon!:)

BTW, thank you so much to everyone who joined my #AFASUNDAYBIRTHDAYGIVEAWAY!!:) The first one has ended already and will post the last part later. :) Part 2 and 3 are still ongoing, so join while you still can!:)


Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!


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  1. First of all, I love the bottom-set photos. :) You're so pretty as always Ms. Ava! And I also love your pants. The print is too cute. Your bag too! <3

  2. So pretty with the entire outfit, babe!! :) Always naman! Haha. And yes, hirap mag-choose ng outfit shoot location. #bloggerproblems =)) Sayang I missed the M&S fashion show. Huhu see you next time!!

  3. I love your pants!

    Preloved clothes available here:
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Preloved-Ph/203117063165944 :)

  4. you look like a korean star :))i love your floral pants too!

  5. You're so pretty, Ava! :) and yes, it's really difficult sometimes to find the perfect place to do our outfit shots. Hehe :) I love the colors of your outfit and your bag is gorgeous! <3


  6. Shucks, I love your pants!! And your blazer! Super bagay sayo yun mga colors <3


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