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by - May 11, 2013

I remember growing up I would always see my Aunt use Eskinol, because she was the only one who would frequently wear makeup in our family and she's into beauty stuff. Of course, being a girl myself, I got curious and tried out her Classic Whitening (clear) Eskinol on my face. :) That's why you can say I'm quite familiar with Eskinol and when I attended their event last Wednesday at Lorenzo's Way restaurant, BGC with my good friends Ana and Honey, I was happy to know that they offered more variants now!

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Yummy Filipino food!
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photo from :) A great way to bond! Missed these girls!
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A photo with the brand manager of Eskinol!:)

The event was intimate with only a few bloggers and we had dinner there as well. The food was really good!:) It was also nice, because we also got to meet the people that really handle Eskinol like their brand manager. We got to ask them questions about the brand and the benefits of it. 

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Before the main program started, we had the Eskinol girls show us how to use the facial deep cleanser with just three easy steps!

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As simple as that! Proper cleansing should certainly be the top of your list. It is in fact the most essential step in your daily ritual, because simply washing your face with soap is not enough. Eskinol with its micro-cleanse anti bacterial formula, it will surely leave your skin thoroughly cleansed.

If you haven't tried Eskinol or you're curious about it, here are a few answers to your questions in mind...

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Who's the Eskinol Girl?:)

Q: What is an Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser?
A: The Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser effectively deep cleanses your skin by removing deep seated dirt, excess oil and make up left after washing. It throughly removes deep-seated dirt that washing with soap/facial wash cannot remove.

Q: How is Eskinol different from its competitors?
A: Eskinol is the first to introduce Facial Deep Cleansers in the market. It continues to prove its expertise in safe and superior deep cleansing as it has been the dominant market leader for than 65 years.

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Q: What are the different Eskinol Deep Cleansers available and what are their SRPs? 

  1. Eskinol Classic Whitening Facial Deep Cleanser ( Clear)
  2. Eskinol Classic Whitening with Grains Facial Deep Cleanser
  3. Eskinol Pimple Fighting Deep Cleanser
  4. Eskinol Papaya Smooth White Facial Deep Cleanser
  5. Eskinol Spotless White Facial Deep Cleanser
  6. Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser
  7. Eskinol Refreshing Facial Deep Cleanser
  8. Eskinol Ice Pore Facial Deep Cleanser
Size: 75mL - Php 29.50
135mL- Php 46.00
225mL- Php 66.50

Q: When do I use an Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser?
A: The Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser can be conveniently used anytime during the day to cleanse your face. It is best used at night when dirt, excess oil and make up have piled up on your skin.

They also have an ongoing summer give-away for you to check out!:)

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ESKAPADES, the biggest summer give-away of Eskinol! In selected drug stores and supermarkets in the Philippines, you get the chance to win Php 100,000 worth of shopping spree, plus a chance to meet Julia Montes with 4 of your friends! On top of that, you get an instant prize with every purchase. Just simply do the following mentioned above!

Promo runs from April 19 to June 30, 2013  so hurry and join!

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photo from :)

Thank you, Eskinol and my love, Tracy for inviting me to this!:)

Visit Eskinol Philippines Facebook page for more info:


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