Regardless of the weather...

by - May 11, 2013

.... I am going to wear a sweater!:) The heat is unbearable, but I survived wearing this outfit to an event that I attended this morning, because I actually drove. But a few minutes from now, i'll be commuting in this outfit as well, so good luck to me!:))

 photo IMG_9965.jpg

I am actually rushing, but to get rid of backlogs and to remove photos in my camera (it's getting full), I wanna blog this already. 

 photo IMG_9970.jpg
 photo IMG_9972.jpg

I guess despite wearing a sweater, I can still consider this outfit perfect for summer, because of my floral pants and colourful accessories, don't you think?:)

 photo IMG_9967.jpg

sweater & earrings: forever 21
pants: sm ladies' fashion
shoes: cotton on
bracelets: dainty betty
bag: zara

Well, I'm off to another event at Trinoma! I hope I get there in time! Yikes!


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  1. i love the bag!!! and the color...

    i tag you


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