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by - May 25, 2013

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People often think that because I'm a mother and a wife now that my style turned into being more on the conservative side, because I don't normally wear clothes that would reveal too much skin and if you've been reading my blog for 5 years already, then you too would know that I don't show my tummy or a even show myself here wearing a bikini. I'm more of a sweater or dress kind of girl. Shorts would be the most revealing for me already. But truth be told, that's really how I am even during my teen years and single lady days, I always stayed covered. Conservative ang lola niyo! Lol!;)

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But I won't deny that after giving birth to Athan that regretted not wearing cropped tops, because after I had him, I gained a lot of stretch marks, so all the more I didn't have the guts to wear clothes that would show off my skin, because obviously people would just judge about me showing parts that aren't too pretty. Why bother, right?

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And you can guess that when I had my second baby Asher, I got more shy to show off anything! So when I got this dress, I didn't know if I could pull it off or how it would look on me. Hesitant at first, but of course, I tried it on and was surprised that despite of my many stretch marks, it didn't show! It actually hid the part where my stretch marks were visible. It was awesome!! *insert happy dance here*:)

 photo IMG_0344_zps0842ea4c.jpg

dress: indie-go boutique
flower wreath: anagon collection
necklace: forever 21
bag: zara

I fell in love with this dress immediately after trying it on. I knew I just had to wear it to Philippine Fashion Week today and to top it all off, I combined it with standout flower accessories to make it the perfect outfit for me. :) World, meet my tummy! haha!:)) Well, a portion of it though and the only part i'll ever show!=P 

Long story short, I wore this to the Penshoppe Holiday 2013 PHFW Show. Will blog about that next!:) Hope you all are having a great weekend! 


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  1. you look so good with the dress!!! it turned out cute while being sexy and the denim makes the look still conservative despite the sexy dress!

  2. grabe ava, whenever i realize na mommy ka na, di parin ako makapaniwala :D super fresh and young ang dating!!! love your sweet outfits!!

  3. Super duper love your dress and its color, babe!!! :) Looks perfect on you pati the floral crown! ♥

  4. This color was made for you, twin!!! Super bagay and LOOOVE the dress :) You haven't aged at all! Fab mom talaga ;)

    Megann, Style Surgery

  5. But hey, still, you look gorgeous in that dress, Ava! You don't look like a mother of two na! :D


  6. Thanks beb! and walang bakas ng stretch mark!!!!! Ang flawless talaga! :)

  7. I love your dress color. So Pretty. ♥

  8. the dress looks good on you!! :) the whole outfit was nice :)


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