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by - May 12, 2013

If you read my previous entry, you would know that yesterday I was rushing to Trinoma to attend an event and that affair was to celebrate Belo Essentials' two milestones: the launch of Anne Curtis as their new endorser, and the unveiling of the new Beauty Deo Spray. :) 

This is my first Belo Medical event, so I didn't really know what to expect, aside from the little known fact that it was about Anne Curtis, the Beauty Deo and a covered car that was a mystery to us all on what it was doing on stage...

 photo IMG_0001.jpg
Can you guess what kind of car this is?:)
 photo IMG_0004.jpg

But before we could find out, Christian Bautista serenaded us to a happy song. Do you know, he's a Belo endorser? He was also the host of the event. Amazing multitasking skills!:)

 photo IMG_0032.jpg
Paul, Ana, Me and Arnie :)
 photo IMG_0005.jpg
Find the common thing in this picture ;)
 photo IMG_0009-1.jpg

I have to admit, when I saw the dancers come out, I got excited and I guess you can say the same thing with my blog friends; Paul and AnaObvious ba with the simultaneous taking of pictures. hehe ;) 

Finally the big reveal!

 photo IMG_0011.jpg
 photo IMG_0014.jpg
 photo IMG_0015.jpg
 photo IMG_0017-1.jpg

The theme of the program was the era of old Hollywood and Anne Curtis together with her dancers performed a jaw-dropping "Material Girl" production number and she actually rode a topdown Ferrari across the stage!:) A Ferrari! How awesome is that??:) I love that it was a blast from the past and that they took inspiration from Madonna's Material Girl video. Definitely entertaining!

Anne Curtis also sang her hit cover song; Shine Bright Like A Diamond by Rihanna and may I just say, she truly sounds like a singer! Not kidding! I really enjoyed her number. ^_^

 photo IMG_0022.jpg
Anne Curtis actually using/spraying the Beauty Deo on stage :)
 photo IMG_0030.jpg
Christian Bautista, Cristalle Belo Henares, Dr. Vicki Belo and Anne Curtis
Of course, as the newest endorser of Belo, Anne Curtis told us the reasons why she loves the new Beauty Deo Spray...

  •  She revealed that the Belo Beauty Deo has always been one of her personal beauty must-haves. It addresses all the underarm issues that most women worry about. It works as an anti-perspirant, effectively whitens dark areas, smoothens skin by minimizing pores and chicken skin, and does not leave a sticky feeling after application. And now, aside from the classic roll-on, ladies can now get the Belo Deo Spray.
  • "One of the most important things is to find the perfect deodorant for yourself, " said Anne, "Especially in my line of work, I wouldn't be so confident if I were worrying about dark or sweaty underarms all the time!"
  • "It's an exciting upgrade of such a trusted product," she added. "A lot of ladies prefer sprays to roll-ons, and it's great to have the Belo Beauty Deo available in both."

When people asked Cristalle Belo Henares and her mother Dr. Vicki Belo why they picked Anne Curtis, they laughingly mentioned that Anne actually has a Facebook fan page (here) dedicated to her underarms. True enough, she does!!:)) That only means that Belo Beauty Deo really works!

The mother and daughter tandem of Belo Essentials are very proud of how far their brand has come in creating effective and affordable beauty products. 'Anne epitomizes the elegance, confidence and simplicity that Belo Essentials is all about.' says managing director Cristalle.

 photo IMG_0033.jpg

The Beauty Deo is available in supermarkets, so go try it for yourself!:) As for me, I have these to look forward to...

 photo IMG_0035.jpg
 photo IMG_0034.jpg

The cutest bag filled with Belo Beauty Deo goodies!:) Can't wait to try it out! Have you tried this? If yes, how is it?:) Would love to know!

Watch the interview of Anne Curtis below for Belo Essentials!:)

Thank you, Paul and Belo Medical Group for inviting me to this wonderful launch!


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  1. Super fun event with you guys!!! :) Of course lalo with our post-event bonding. Hehe! Cute ni Anne forever. Concert ang ganap!

  2. Love Anne Curtis and definitely, LOVE that Paris Bag!!! :)



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