OTD through watercolors

by - June 08, 2013

I bought a notebook a few weeks back and I got excited to go back to doodling or painting again. :) Its been awhile since I did something for my Art Diaries section. All the more when I had Asher. I got busier. So during my spare time, here's what I've been doing since I got my notebook. :)

 photo realotd_zps34b5253c.jpg
 photo eb150d6ccd3d11e2a96422000a1fbc12_7_zpse74a606e.jpg

I still have to improve a lot on my watercoloring, but I'm trying to paint my outfit of the day in my notebook. To be honest, I get lazy sometimes, but I try to shrug it off, because my goal is to fill the pages up! I still don't have a new OtD, so I'm working on the old OTDs for now. :)

 photo realotd2_zps126baed4.jpg
 photo f8f37546cf8511e2b01422000aaa05b1_7_zpse2d62644.jpg

It may not look 100% the same, because I'm still a newbie at this. But I'm having fun with it cos somehow I see the similarities. ^_^ Do you too?

 photo IMG_0554_zpsff86ce6e.jpg
 photo 883a5d84cc7d11e29d7122000a1f97c6_7_zps22d62144.jpg

I think this will encourage me more to do outfit posts! haha!:)) It's just so fun to do! Also, it makes me feel happy that I still get to do what I love. :)

 photo IMG_9472_zps54850ff5.jpg
 photo 7d53bf84cdf211e2b26122000a1fb538_7_zps084bb49d.jpg

Till my next watercolor OTD! Let me know what you think!;)


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  1. so cute! i love the last two drawings! i miss painting as well.. i have passed a million times already. i wonder if i could still paint well.

  2. so cute!! that's a great idea. hahaha
    I'd love to do that too but I can't draw. I suck in drawing. haha

  3. Super duper cute watercolor OOTDs!!! ♥ Miss you babe :(

  4. Artsy fartsy you indeed! So cute, Ava! :)


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