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by - June 07, 2013

It has officially been a year and 2 months of styling the gorgeous Karylle and it has been a pleasure. Styling jobs may not be all that glamorous, because you really have to work hard for it. There are also times that you encounter problems. But I really enjoy what I'm doing, so I actually want to do better each time. I'm hoping to continue this job in the long run. :)

Its been awhile since I last posted on styling K, so here are a few photos of my styling a few months back and two weeks ago. :)
 photo ensemblesK_zpsba67ea20.jpg
Clothes from ENSEMBLES :)
 photo freewayK_zps0c9bbe29.jpg
Clothes from FREEWAY :)
 photo LittleNookK_zps846830f6.jpg
Clothes from LITTLE NOOK :)
 photo SiomesclosetK_zpsb2b8869d.jpg
Dresses from SIMONE'S CLOSET :)
 photo 943083_10152823255815442_1734347706_n_zps3855afab.jpg
Romper from INDIE-GO BOUTIQUE :)
Thank you so much to FREEWAY, ENSEMBLES, LITTLE NOOK, SIMONE'S CLOSET and INDIE-GO BOUTIQUE for the fab clothes and for helping me style Karylle! Your clothes sure look stunning on her!^_^

And finally to K, Can't wait to style you again! thank you for this opportunity!:)


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  1. love the dresses from freeway :) did a great job ava!! :D

  2. Whenever I see K on Showtime, sometimes I'd guess na you were the one who styled her for that day/week :D Haha and my guesses were right!!! :) You're doing a great job, babe! Goodluck!!

  3. Ganda ni Karylle!!!!

  4. ang ganda talaga ng idol kong c karylle :)

  5. You can make her even more sexier the way you style her. really. and whenever someone talks about how beautiful K is with her clothes, i always brag that AVA TE "my dearest friend" is her stylist ♥ More power to you Mommy! i wish i can be like you mommy!

  6. aww thanks for this Ava! :) sending you pieces this week. :)


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