Parisian Chic

by - June 12, 2013

 photo IMG_0637_zpse59e0c60.jpg

I badly wanted an outdoor picture, because sunlight definitely brings out the colour of my outfit more. But unfortunately when it rains like cats and dogs, it's quite impossible to do that. :( So, I had to settle for artificial light and take it indoors. Boo. But still, I'm glad I was able to take my OTD. :)

 photo IMG_0640_zps5e2a5330.jpg
 photo IMG_0642_zps06b11bfe.jpg

If someone asked me to dress up in a Parisian-relaxed outfit or a Parisian girl going on a picnic, this would have to be my look. I know they love wearing long sleeved tops with the famous stripes. But of course, I added my own twist to that by using a plain pastel one. :) I think they're also big on cropped pants, so I wore that instead of the typical dresses or skirts with tights. :) Pasado na ba as Parisian chic?^_^

I also paired it with a dainty crochet necklace. BTW, did you know CROCHET is a french word?;) Adding to that, I have my gold watch, which I'm uber excited about! I've been wanting one for so long! I have a white, red, black and silver watch, but gold just takes the cake when it comes to being classy and timeless. :) Love it! If you want a watch, you should invest on a gold one!

 photo IMG_0638_zps25348b95.jpg

top: penshoppe
pants: uniqlo
sandals: topshop
bag: suiteblanco
hat: sm accessories
watch: watch factory
necklace: bell charms

Of course to complete this whole look...

 photo 24f49e14d28211e2a86422000a1f9839_7_zps16bc217f.jpg

I guess this alone already makes me feel like a Parisian girl. How I wish I could visit the city of love someday and go biking!

Before I end this post...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, EVERYONE and HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY to Hubby and I ♥ !!!^_^


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  1. I love the color combination and your hat :-)

  2. Weee hahaha really no sweat whenever I take your photos!! Love you beb!! :)


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