The 6th year

by - June 12, 2013

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Gersh and I finally reached our 6th year and  I am so thankful that we've reached this far. :) There was a point in our relationship when I thought we wouldn't make it. I guess you can call that our "crisis" stage. Everything was so complicated and it was a difficult phase to deal with. But after some time filled with realisations, heart-to-heart talks and unconditional love, we brought our spark back and ever since that, we became so much stronger. It made me have a firm belief that no matter what happens in your relationship, if you really want it to work out and you both work hard for it, everything will fall into place and I'm sure you'll feel more love for each other. Plus, communication is always the key to a healthy relationship!:)

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To be honest, this relationship has taught me a lot and has made me mature. One example would be, for us, monthsaries should be counted, but gifts or a big celebration isn't mandatory. In fact, a simple greeting would do and we're happy. After all being together is what counts and not the material stuff along with it. But of course, if your partner will surprise you, why not??=P But never require. :)

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dress: daisy jane
vest: elle girl
bag: marc by marc jacobs
watch: watch factory
sneakers: bensimon PH

There are more things to a relationship that makes it stronger. But I guess it's really up to you as a couple to know how to make it work and keep the love alive. ;)

Oh and this is what I wore to our anniversary date today. :) I've always wanted a maxi dress and it seems that all my "maxi" needs, I get from momma Sarah. haha!:)) Before I also found the perfect maxi skirt from her and now a maxi dress!  Also, I took my new kicks out for a spin! It's SO comfy and I can see myself wearing this a lot. Especially for long walks! It comes in many colours too! I'm gonna share more about it with you, guys in my next entry!:)

For now, hope you all had a great Wednesday! Happy Independence Day again!


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  1. Happy anniversary to you and Gersh!!! :) All the best for your relationship ♥ Love you both!!

  2. Happy anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Z! God bless you and your family! :)


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