Turning Japanese

by - July 21, 2013

I know skinny jeans are still all the rage when it comes to women's pants and you would always see them being sold almost in every clothing store. But personally, I'm starting to want more loose pants lately. Don't get me wrong though, I love fitted pants they will always give you that sexy feel. But I guess there are just some days when a girl has to feel free and less constricted. Hence, my newest addition and closet must-have, my big girl pants. :)


top: bench
pants: ziya
necklace: estrellas manila
flats: comfit
bag: nine west

Or better known as my "Hakama" pants. :) I think the style inspiration for this was from the traditional clothes of the Japanese people or samurai before. I'm not 100% sure, but if you try watching Japanese anime or films that have an 17th century or 1800s era, you'd see they're wearing something similar. Originally they were worn by only men. :)

source here

I wore this to a whole day of mall hopping yesterday and I must say it's my most comfiest pants ever! I actually wanted to stay out longer, so I could walk around the mall and just feel it gracing my feet. =P But a little incident didn't permit us to stay longer outside. Nevertheless, I can't wait to wear this out again!


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  1. Those actually look nice! I'm short, however. I doubt they'll look good on me. :(


  2. You surely pulled off those pants, babe!! Super ganda on you!! ♥

  3. love your outfit! it looks neat with white top.. :)

  4. Don't be fooled! I'm short too! hehe :) They'll look good on you too!

  5. I wish I'd look good in those. I bet it will make me look shorter; unlike you... You look gorgeous as ever, Ava! :D



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